SiOL TV reaches 109k subscribers in Slovenia at end-2009

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
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LJUBLJANA — Telekom Slovenia (Ljubljana:TLSG) has published the annual report of the Telekom Slovenia Group and Telekom Slovenije, d.d. for the year 2009.

Exceptional growth has been recorded on the VoIP market (54% growth in year 2009) and on the IPTV market (31% growth in the number of IPTV connections), as the result of a sharp increase in demand for convergent services, namely packages of various services, particularly triple play packages.

The number of television service subscribers was up 29% on a year earlier to pass 109,000 by the end of the year.

Number of connections – Broadband services

                               Actual      Actual  Index
                           31.12.2008  31.12.2009  09/08
                           ----------  ----------  -----
Broadband internet access     200,795     203,960    102
VoIP                          105,229     128,886    122
IPTV                           84,615     109,471    129
CATV                            5,608       8,875    158

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