NDS at ANGA Cable 2010: Highlighting Local Customer Deployments & Advanced Hybrid Solutions

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
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  • NDS to showcase advanced solutions for a hybrid TV world offering new revenue streams and an improved subscriber experience
  • Deployments from Kabel BW, Tele Columbus and Sky Deutschland will be featured on the NDS stand
  • NDS reinforces its position as a technology innovator and the digital pay-TV partner of choice

COLOGNE, Germany — ANGA CABLE 2010, Stand B18A — NDS Group, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced its line-up of advanced solutions and applications for ANGA Cable. On show will be innovative technologies that enable platform operators to secure and broaden their business with new, revenue-boosting hybrid services.

NDS will also showcase a range of solutions deployed by local European service providers including: Kabel BW, Tele Columbus and Sky Deutschland.

As competition intensifies in the German digital pay-TV sector, NDS is on hand to offer service providers proven, end-to-end technologies and innovations that help them to differentiate their services, whilst improving revenues and subscriber experience.

NDS demonstrations at ANGA Cable will include:

  • Next generation User Interfaces for an improved user experience

    Leading pay-TV operators around the world are deploying the industry’s most advanced Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) and UIs with the assistance of NDS’ design and consulting services. NDS will be demonstrating OONA™, an intuitive conceptual UI that incorporates contextualised widgets, social interaction and search and recommendations whilst addresses the complexities of the connected environment. Visitors to the stand will also be able to experience a revolutionary approach to content navigation, with NDS Snowflake™ the award-winning high-end user interface that is based on a minimalist 3D grid overlaid on live TV.

  • 3DTV

    NDS is addressing the issues surrounding 3DTV, such as the display of the EPG and subtitling on stereoscopic 3D content and the requirements such features place on the chipset. To demonstrate, a proposed solution that addresses the real challenges of having a 3DTV in the home will be on display.

  • NDS Dynamic™ Advanced Advertising suite

    NDS Dynamic , enables TV operators to manage, deliver and execute advanced, addressable advertising applications to improve their existing advertising sales and develop new advertising revenue streams.

  • Infinite TV™

    Through InfiniteTV, connected TV viewers have access to complementary over the top (OTT) Internet video services and applications such as catch up-TV and on-demand content through a single, intuitive user experience with a rich electronic programme guide (EPG). Using both broadcast channels and the Internet, InfiniteTV adds rich metadata to broadcast programs and integrates advanced search and recommendations engines to provide a seamless ‘over the top’ television experience.

  • NDS Video On Demand with Progressive Download

    NDS’ VOD service, based on Progressive Download (PDL) technology, enables the delivery of both SD and HD content over IP whilst managing the problems associated with low bandwidth connections to deliver uninterrupted viewing – ensuring a quality of service matching that of traditional VOD. Using the internet to download content to the DVR hard drive; once enough content is cached, the viewer can start playback and any remaining content is downloaded in background mode.

  • Unified Gateway™

    NDS is working in partnership with Jungo, an NDS group company, to address the potential of a truly connected home environment. At ANGA, NDS and Jungo will be showcasing a proof of concept demonstration of an end-to-end system that takes a unified approach to distributing video, data and voice services in and around the home from a single point.

  • Customer deployments, including hybrid IPTV/Broadcast platforms

    NDS will be showcasing a number of local customer deployments that feature:

    • NDS XTV™ digital video recorder (DVR) technology
    • NDS VideoGuard® conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) technology
    • NDS MediaHighway® set-top box software, the enabling technology for advanced set-top box functionality

Yves Padrines, Vice President, Business Development at NDS and General Manager NDS GmbH, said: “As the pay-TV market embraces a hybrid future and competition intensifies in markets such as Germany, choosing the right technology partner becomes more critical than ever. NDS is ideally placed to partner pay-TV operators of all sizes as they seek to increase their subscriber base, improve customer loyalty and grow revenues through the deployment of differentiated hybrid services.”