Veebeam Implements Technology From ST and Wyplay to Bring the Internet to Every HDTV

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
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Award-Winning Start-Up Leverages French IPTV Technology To Address Emerging Consumer Need

BURLINGAME, Calif. and MARSEILLE, France — Veebeam, a consumer products company dedicated to bringing laptop content to every TV, announced today that it had selected technology from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), one of the world’s leading chip suppliers for home-entertainment solutions; and Wyplay, the Marseille-based developer of TV centric software solutions. Together with ST and Wyplay, Veebeam is now able to deliver a revolutionary 1080p HD media player that offers the easiest, most affordable way to wirelessly stream anything from your laptop to your TV.

In a world where individuals use the Internet on a daily basis to access unlimited entertainment options, but are limited by the small screen and sound of a laptop, Veebeam gives every broadband consumer the freedom to share their favorite content with others directly on their TV’s big screen. Anything from movies, sports, photos and more can now be shared on any HDTV.

“Bringing rich and user friendly Internet services to every HDTV is a strategic imperative for STMicroelectronics and the partnership with Veebeam and Wyplay is a way to deliver on that promise,” said Eric JUMELET, Group Vice President Home Video Division Business Management, STMicroelectronics. “Demand for Internet video delivery is growing by leaps and bounds as more content is delivered over the Internet and consumers are looking for ways to bring that content to their TV.”

The companies brought best of breed technologies together to develop this leading edge consumer experience. Veebeam’s wireless USB chips and software connect the PC to the TV via a receiver that incorporates ST’s advanced HD decoding IC (STi7105) running Wyplay’s embedded digital media renderer software.

“This was the collaboration of several excellent technical teams; Veebeam’s teams based in Cambridge UK and Bangalore IN and Wyplay’s team based in Marseille FR. It is remarkable how effectively small companies, using first class System on Chip solutions, can work together to deliver innovative digital media products that address a clear market need,” said Jerry LORAINE, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Veebeam Corp.

“Veebeam has established its pioneering credentials by creating a new product category that seamlessly blends the richness of unlimited internet content with comfort of an HDTV lean-back experience. Wyplay is pleased to provide core software to enable this new product category.” Said Jacques BOURGNINAUD, Wyplay President & CEO.

Veebeam can be ordered from Veebeam’s three online stores (US, UK, Europe). The product is available in two versions, Veebeam SD and Veebeam HD. Veebeam HD incorporates the same composite A/V outputs as the Veebeam SD but also includes HDMI and Digital Audio ports.

Availability and Pricing

Veebeam can be ordered in the United States, United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

  • Veebeam SD | $99 USD, 99 GBP (VAT included) & 109 EUR (VAT included)
  • Veebeam HD | $139 USD, 139 GBP (VAT included) & 149 EUR (VAT included)