Discretix CPRM Content Protection Client Shipping on Selected Mobile Phones in Japan

Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Secure Access to Music, Video and Other Premium Content On Mobile Devices, Eliminating Need for Dedicated CPRM Chip

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Discretix, the leading global provider of field proven embedded security and content protection solutions, today announced that its CPRM Client has been shipping on selected mobile phones in Japan since June 2010. Discretix’ CPRM Client, part of the company’s globally deployed Multi-Scheme DRM Client, protects the distribution of music, video and other premium content on SD memory cards and mobile handsets using the handset’s processor, thus eliminating the need for dedicated CPRM hardware.

Building on the proven track record of Multi-Scheme DRM Client, Discretix’ CPRM is ideally suited to the mobile devices due to its exceptional performance and low power consumption. CPRM, promoted by the 4C Entity, is the most widely deployed content protection system for SD memory cards in Japan. The Discretix solution implements CPRM without the need for a dedicated CPRM hardware chip. It also supports all CPRM formats including SD-Binding, SD-Audio, SD-Video and SD-Separate Delivery (SD-SD).

By incorporating Discretix Multi-Scheme Client handset manufacturers can securely deploy the widest number of content protection schemes including Microsoft® PlayReady™, WM-DRM, OMA DRM, OMA BCAST and Secure Mobile TV recording as well as CPRM. The robustness and performance of the client, is enhanced through integration with TI’s M-Shield™ security technology, a partnership first established in 2006.

“The software based Discretix CPRM Client eliminates the need for dedicated hardware, thereby reducing the overall bill-of-materials and providing the handset OEM with the greater flexibility in deployment,” Edo Ganot EVP of Business Development for Discretix. “The integration with embedded security systems ensures robustness and performance, enabling the deployment of increasingly powerful multimedia content capabilities.”