Average US Consumer Household Will Own 5-10 Web-Enabled CE Devices by 2014

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Over 53 million US broadband households currently view TV programs over the Internet. 85% of these users already view online TV content on multiple devices, including personal computers, TVs and mobile handsets. By 2014, there will be over 200 million web-enabled wire-line Consumer Electronic (CE) devices in operation in the US. When PCs and mobile devices are added in, the average US consumer will own between 5-10 web-enabled devices to choose from for viewing Internet-based digital entertainment.

PC only; PC and TV; PC and mobile devices; PC, TV and mobile devices“Today, content is consumed in a myriad of ways over a plethora of devices,” says Keith Nissen, Principal Analyst. “The relationship between the user, the content they view, and the device they watch it on, has become complex. Traditional viewing habits no longer apply and, as a result, a new and amorphous set of rules have taken over.”

To meet the changing needs of the industry, In-Stat has introduced a unique research service called the US Digital Entertainment Tracker. The US DE Tracker delivers a consolidated view of the US digital entertainment market, covering devices, services, content, consumer behavior metrics and forecasts. Most importantly, it answers the question: Who will be viewing what on which devices?

In addition, the US Digital Entertainment Tracker is an invaluable trusted resource for market statistics, and analysis. Quarterly updates track key metrics such as:

  • Stationary CE device shipments, installed base and usage
  • Service subscriptions, use and forecasts
  • Content acquisition methods and genre
  • Usage forecasts by device type, service, and consumer segmentation
  • In-home video content management
  • Industry revenue forecasts

Recent In-Stat research, 4Q10 US Digital Entertainment Tracker (#IN1005044CM), connects the dots in ways no other research service can. For example, the analysis found that:

  • The installed base of devices capable of supporting online video will grow much faster than either the availability of online video content, or the adoption of OTT video services.
  • Web-enabled TV shipments in the US are increasing at a 94% annual growth rate.
  • 45% of US broadband households prefer to obtain at least some of their digital entertainment from online video services.
  • 54% of consumer households would be more likely to purchase movies using a digital rights locker-based online video service.
  • Yet, except for owning personal movie favorites, consumers strongly favor acquiring their TV programs and movies from subscription services, or rentals.
  • 50% of electronic video files are stored on a PC hard drive

This research is part of In-Stat’s Consumer Media Content service which provides comprehensive analysis and forecasts of digital media and content, including revenue, internet video streaming and downloads, digital TV, business models, competitive analysis, and consumer perspectives.