Eyepartner Releases TikiLIVE iPTV for ROKU Set Top Boxes

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 
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MARATHON, Florida — Managing LIVE HD video delivery to set top boxes has been a challenge to media producers, broadcasting networks and corporations worldwide. Eyepartner has developed a low cost iPTV middleware that delivers HD Live, VOD, and Channel Lineups directly to the affordable ROKU set top box. TikiLIVE makes it easy for anyone to setup a channel and broadcast their stream in full HD, with a simple to use click-and-go interface. The user can quickly arrange a playlist of pre-recorded video as well as offer it on a pay per view basis.

The TikiLIVE iPTV platform, based on a patent pending streaming technology, requires no proprietary hardware or advanced training to use. This solution was designed to easily broadcast and deliver LIVE streaming, VODs, and channel lineups in HD “over the top” directly to the ROKU set top boxes as well as to your streaming sites simultaneously. The TikiLIVE platform is to be made available through direct marketing along with various OEM channel partners, distributors.
“Professionals, movie makers, broadcasters and enthusiast alike now have the ability to schedule content and broadcast their HD media directly into the living rooms of their audience through the ROKU set top box; quickly, easily and without purchasing proprietary hardware” as quoted by Tim Green, President of Eyepartner.

So, how does it work? Eyepartner offers a simple application with an easy to use dashboard that can be accessed from any Web Browser. The user is offered live broadcasting tools, VOD uploading capabilities to arrange playlists and publish channel lineups. All media is conveniently hosted and streamed from Eyepartner central server farms. The user may decide to publish a combination of LIVE, VOD or channel lineups. The user may set the content as free or on a pay per view basis. The stream is instantly streamed to a channel onto the ROKU set top box.

Eyepartner offers simple “how-to” tutorials that walk the user through the broadcasting process with simple step-by-step instructions. For more information on how this works, users may sign up www.tikilive.com for a free trial run of the TikiLIVE platform.