Siano, Huaqi, and CMBSat Join Forces to Deliver Mobile TV in China

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
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Launch of Joint MDTV Solution Timed for Olympic Games 2008

BEIJING — Siano Mobile Silicon, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for Mobile Digital TV (MDTV), announced today that it has signed a collaboration agreement with CMB Satellite, the Hong Kong based affiliate of EchoStar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq:DISH), and Huaqi, a leading manufacturer of consumer multimedia products in China branded “aigo” to provide advanced solutions for China’s up-coming mobile TV service known as CMMB, or S-TIMI, starting at the 2008 Olympics.

CMMB (or S-TIMI) is the technology developed in China and selected by the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) as the main platform for delivering TV services to mobile devices. The CMMB network will use both satellite and terrestrial signals to obtain effective coverage both in densely populated cities, including indoor reception, as well as in sparsely populated rural areas. The commercial launch of mobile TV in China is anticipated to coincide with the Beijing Olympic Games.

CMB Satellite, a Hong Kong-based affiliate of EchoStar, is the primary provider of S-band satellite capacity for China’s CMMB mobile video system.

Dave Shull, CEO of CMB Satellite, commented on the collaboration: “The Chinese mobile TV market represents a huge commercial potential. In order to secure the successful launch of CMMB, it is imperative that consumers will be able to receive the signal at extremely high quality, both indoors and out, using low power and inexpensive handheld devices. Siano is a mobile TV chip maker that can provide leading MDTV solutions with excellent performance. Huaqi, with their aigo line of handheld devices, are experts in cost effective yet high quality mobile entertainment. They are an excellent partner for slim, user-friendly devices for CMMB users.”

Huaqi is the largest supplier of MP3/MP4 handheld devices in China. Its brand aigo holds 35 percent of the domestic market.

“We view CMMB as a major area of growth for Huaqi in the near future,” said Weiyong, General Manager of Mobile Video and audio department, from Huaqi. “This new collaboration with CMB Satellite and Siano will help Huaqi fulfill its commitment to lead the market of CMMB-enabled devices.”

Siano is already a leader in the mobile TV receiver chip arena. Its SMS1010 receiver is the industry’s only low-cost, ultra-low-power, quad-band, multi-standard receiver chip in mass production. In addition, Siano offers the SMS8021, a chip-antenna that introduces a technology breakthrough, as it exhibits high performance reception over the entire UHF range, with a device that is sized only 10 x 15 x 1 mm.

“As the global mobile TV market ramps up, all eyes are set on China as the economic powerhouse of tomorrow,” said Siano’s CEO, Alon Ironi. “The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing represent a major catalyst in terms of consumer adoption of MDTV in China. Through our collaboration with CMB Satellite and Huaqi, Siano is firmly committed to expanding its technology leadership into China and becoming the leading supplier of CMMB silicon.”

Siano is a member of the CMMB Working Group.