ViXS®, Topfield and Morega Join Forces to Develop Mobility Gateway Set-Top Box

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
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ViXS’ XCode® System-on-Chip Delivers Superior Performance And Transcoding to Enable Multi-Screen Video

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc. today announced a partnership with Topfield to develop a highly-advanced media gateway set-top box (STB) design. This innovative design demonstrates the high-performance multimedia functions of the XCode® 4210 STB processor and ViXS Xtensiv® software combination, and the secure multi-screen content portability provided by Morega Systems’ software solution. Topfield is a global leader and innovator in advanced set-top box design. This unique design will be showcased at the ViXS Systems booth at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the Las Vegas Convention Center in MP25958, South Hall 2.

The XCode 4210 STB processor is a proven STB system-on-chip (SoC) and was the industry’s first full STB SoC with an integrated dual HD transcoder. The XCode 4210 is currently in production and offers unique system architecture for off-loading real-time intensive functions such as transcoding, encoding, 2D/3D graphics and network processing. The result of this innovative architecture is high-resource availability on the main CPU therefore providing the best system performance and user experience for any advanced middleware solutions. The XCode 4210 STB SoC also integrates best-in-class ViXS’ patented transcoding technology and Morega Systems’ proprietary secure content mobility software solution to enable multi-screen place shifting, critical to leading operators for creating new revenue opportunities across multiple platforms.

“When we were looking for a hardware platform for our premium content portability software solutions, ViXS Systems XCode was the perfect choice,” said Philip Poulidis, president and CEO of Morega Systems Inc. “We were looking for a technology that was flexible, powerful, robust and at the leading edge of network media processing. Only with such a platform could our innovative technology be demonstrated and launched in broadcaster services this year.”

“In the era of content mobility, the versatility to transcode content to different formats has evolved from luxury to necessity. It brings us both enthusiasm and excitement to cooperate with ViXS, who stands out as a sole source of high performance, market-proven transcoding functionality.” said YongChul Lee, president and CEO of Topfield. “Topfield has, for many years, been at the forefront of developing novel STB technology. The ViXS XCode4210 system-on-chip provides us with a powerful solution that allows us to continue to deliver trend-setting innovative products.”

“The capability of supporting content mobility and advanced user interface is a prevalent requirement in the set-top box market and the ViXS XCode 4210 system-on-chip provides the most advanced system performance and transcoding functionality,” said Sally Daub, president and CEO of ViXS Systems. “We are very happy to be collaborating with such a leading set-top box manufacturer as Topfield and such a leading software partner as Morega Systems. It is exciting to be working with these two great companies to be the first to demonstrate and develop the most advanced and innovative media gateway and multi-screen solution required by leading service and content providers worldwide.”