Ocean Blue to launch HbbTV, T2 And MHEG Turnkey Solution At IP&TV World Forum

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
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BRISTOL — Digital TV software specialist Ocean Blue Software have announced their multi-process DVB core, MHEG-5 and HbbTV middleware is to be launched at the IP&TV world forum in London next week.

The Ocean Blue solution, through its Voyager Infrastructure, brings together popular Internet based web browsing technology and Ocean Blue’s broadcast centric middleware. The total solution will offer the end consumer a premium, feature-rich video and audio experience through their set top box or Internet connected TV.

Combining DVB & MHEG to HbbTV

Ocean Blue’s strategic business approach is to offer CE vendors and OEMs popular web browsing technology for example: Access, Android and WEB kit products combined with Ocean Blue’s Sunrise DVB middleware such as DVB-C, T2 and S2.

Voyager MHEG-5, Access NetFront Browser (HbbTV)

The Connected TV standards body HbbTV was set up to harmonize the delivery of broadcast and broadband services to the home and to promote open standards across all TV devices. Countries such as France and Germany have successfully adopted this approach. The key to Connected TV becoming successful is in the end about the seamless delivery of enhanced TV services across multiple devices. For example, 70% of tablet and smartphone owners use these devices at the same time as watching their TV. (Source: Nielsen Report: Mobile Connected Devices)

According to research firm Display Search, more than 40 million (nearly 20 percent) of all TVs shipped worldwide in 2010 featured connected TV capabilities. That figure is expected to grow to more than 123 million by 2014, a 30 percent compound annual growth rate.

Connected TV Technology Paper

Ocean Blue has written a white paper advocating the concept of combining the major software standards, for example DVB, Adobe Flash Lite and HTML, into one software stack and on a single chipset in order to address this emerging market driven by the likes of HbbTV and Canvas. The white paper is titled ‘Octopus’ and can be downloaded free of charge from Ocean Blue’s website.

Meet us at IPTV

Ocean Blue will be exhibiting at IP&TV World Forum (stand 105) in London from 20th-22nd March next week.