Zappware delivers multi-device end-to-end OTT solution to SBB and Telemach

Thursday, January 24th, 2013
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Zappware, a leading developer of off-the-shelf and custom-designed interactive digital television (iDTV) solutions, has delivered a complete end-to-end OTT platform to Serbian cable operator SBB, and to Telemach, the leading cable operator in Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The platform supports linear and non-linear TV on a broad range of mobile and fixed devices and significantly extends the range of services the operators can offer their subscribers.

End users can now also enjoy Video-on-Demand (VoD), CatchupTV and PauseLiveTV, which are supported both on the client’s side and the head-end side. The complete OTT solution is brought to Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Android tablets and smartphones, Windows and MacPCs, as well as set-top boxes.

“The deployment of the additional features had to take into account not just an extensive range of devices and operating systems (OSs), but offer extended functionality across multiple networks, making this a highly complex solution,” says Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware. “It showcases Zappware’s trusted ability to manage complex solutions as a result of the flexibility offered by our iView solution and it is only just the beginning of what we can achieve for our clients.”

The original solution, under the ‘D3 go’ brand, enabled SBB and Telemach to offer their programming to communities outside their traditional cable footprint. Subscribers can now enjoy lots of activities on multiple devices and screens throughout the home, using an attractive user interface. This will help operators further increase ARPU (average revenue per user) and reduce churn.

“The additions Zappware has designed to enhance the OTT solution will increase the stickiness of our services, making subscribers much more likely to continue to take advantage of our offerings,” said Victoriya Boklag, Deputy CEO of SBB.

Zappware delivered the updated solution with full end-to-end responsibility, including a digital rights management (DRM) solution, the client-side solutions and the VOD back-office and streaming solutions in the head-end. For the streaming and DRM elements, solutions have been incorporated from Zappware partners Anevia, Envivio, NXP and Verimatrix.

The initial end-to-end system was launched in March 2012 using Zappware’s proprietary TwinTV™, Nexx™ and iView™ products. TwinTV™ delivers a digital TV experience on a broad range of second-screen devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Nexx™ delivers the same digital TV experience to set-top boxes. Both Nexx™ and TwinTV™ are driven by Zappware’s own iView™ application delivery platform, a scalable, back-end solution that allows operators to manage the digital TV experience using a centralized administration user interface. The iView™ application delivery platform extends huge benefits to the operator such as easy customization of look and feel, total control over product configuration and content elements, a CRM interface that enables the product to be customized down to the individual subscriber level, audience measurement, and the integration of value-added apps.