NorDig releases Unified IRD Specification v2.4 and Test Specification v2.2.2

Thursday, January 24th, 2013
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The new updated Unified IRD Specification v2.4 includes following main modifications:

  • All IRDs has to support MPEG2 SD and MPEG4 HD (i.e. removal of M2 and M4 Level)
  • Update of video requirements
  • Supplementary Audio is completely update and will become mandatory functionality from 2014
  • Inclusion of HbbTV (and removal of MHP) as NorDig’s selected API
  • Inclusion of Immunity against 800MHz LTE signals for terrestrial IRDs

The new updated Test Specification v2.2.2 is a smaller update of previous document and includes a number of corrections and update of test cases for DVB-T2 and PVR.

The NorDig specifications cover three areas:
1. NorDig specifications for Integrated Receiver Decoders and relevant parts of integrated digital TV-sets.
2. NorDig specifications for the use of transmit parameters in NorDig compliant networks.
3. NorDig Test specifications.

All specifications are based on DVB and the minimum performance sets that are specified for NorDig compliant networks. The use of the NorDig specifications is shown in the NorDig Migration Plan.

Status of specifications:

1: NorDig Unified Requirements for Integrated Receiver Decoders for use in cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP-based networks, version 2.4. The specification includes minimum requirements for two profiles of IRDs: Basic IRDs and Hybrid IRDs. Hybrid IRD refers to IRD with HbbTV API and Basic IRD refers to IRD without NorDig’s selected API HbbTV. The specification includes also requirements for PVRs.

Download: NorDig Unified Specification ver 2.4

This specification includes updates of the previous specifications; NorDig 2.3. This specification is approved by NorDig.

2: NorDig Rules of Operation for NorDig I and II receiver networks, version 1.0

Download: NorDig Rules of Operation Specification 1.0

3: NorDig Unified Test Specifications for Integrated Receiver Decoders for use in cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP-based networks, version 2.2.2. The specification includes test cases for verifying compliance to the NorDig Unified IRD specification’s requirements.

Download: NorDig Unified Test Specification Ver. 2.2.2.

This specification is approved by NorDig and covers all NorDig profiles.