AirTies and Octoshape team up to offer OTT IPTV platform

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
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AirTies’ set-top boxes integrated with Octoshape Infinite HD™ now power global subscription OTT IPTV services

AMSTERDAM — International Broadcasting Convention — Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based OTT streaming technology and AirTies Wireless Networks, a leading supplier of advanced technology to the broadcast and broadband industry, today announced a partnership for high quality OTT IPTV delivery, fueled by customer production launches with premium content.

The AirTies – Octoshape solution combines the best of both companies, leveraging AirTies’ proven operator class STB architecture and incorporating Octoshape’s disruptive video acceleration technologies. The video acceleration is achieved by optimizing standard streaming formats to be delivered via high performance IETF standard, multicast-enabled protocols over the public Internet.

The AirTies product range includes market leading, compact, multi-format, high-definition IP set-top boxes (STB) for cable, IPTV, WebTV/OTT, video-on-demand and home media applications, that have powerful and flexible HTML5, HBBTV and JavaScript engines. It supports wireless streaming, advanced security/ DRM, TR69 management, PVR, catch up and VoD services. The production roll-out of the STB complements the efforts of a leading European satellite broadcaster to develop a fully-functional, high quality OTT IPTV experience. The service expands the reach of the content to any Internet connected location around the world.

The combined and integrated solution leverages Octoshape’s multi-path and multi-source capabilities that dynamically route traffic around congestion, facilitating TV quality video and guaranteeing uptime to broadband connected devices.

“Integrating Octoshape’s InfiniteHD™ breaks the barriers of geographical reach and TV quality viewing for OTT IPTV where traditional streaming solutions fall short,” says Bulent Celebi, Founder and Chairman at AirTies Wireless Networks. “Watching an AirTies-Octoshape powered experience is equal or even better than a traditional broadcast equivalent. The combined solution enables our customers to increase their consumer footprint by addressing subscribers beyond their network boundaries and reducing time to market.”

“The partnership with AirTies is another major step forward in enabling the transition from broadcast TV to broadband TV on connected devices. Our combined customers can now enjoy the same TV quality, scale, and economics that traditional broadcast systems have historically guaranteed” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “Our joint solution represents a major opportunity for our customers to increase revenues by offering services in new markets, at the same time enabling the Internet as a true TV scale medium.”

Octoshape’s technologies are adopted by some of the largest broadcasters and technology providers in the world, enabling them with TV everywhere and OTT IPTV services at the highest possible quality. The platform outperforms traditional content delivery technologies on all marks including startup time, buffer time, quality and view time.