httv partners with EKT to deploy satellite set top boxes

Monday, September 16th, 2013
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httv partners with EKT to deploy Satellite set top boxes with advanced connected TV features

At the occasion of the IBC 2013, httv is pleased to announce the integration of httvLink, its open-middleware solution, with EKT DSR6201 PVR and DSD601 zapper DVB-S2 set top boxes. It will provide the full power of HbbTV as well as HTML5 for satellite markets. The joint product will be demonstrate at the show on httv’s and EKT’s booth.

EKT (Eagle Kingdom Technologies) is an international supplier of advanced STB solutions. Its DSR6201 PVR Set top box is powered by STMicroelectronics (ST) Chipset STH237 (Cardiff) and its DSD601 zapper Set Top Box is integrated with ST Chipset STH239 (Newport).

httvLink is an open-middleware solution for connected TV Set-top boxes. Based on Linux and HTML5, it is fully compatible with the HbbTV Standard. It is pre-integrated and tested on major Digital TV.

Those EKT new Set top boxes, integrated with httvLink, enables both companies to offer cost-effective DVB-S2 modulation STBs with advanced Internet-based services for price-sensitive markets. It will provide emerging markets as Asia or South America with a best-in class- solution at affordable prices.

“httv is glad to announce this integration of httvLink with the set top box of a leading company as Eagle Kingdom Technologies. The joint product will offer a cost effective and feature full solution for Satellite markets” says Jean-Christophe Jubin, httv’s general APAC manager. He added “We are looking to expand this strategy with EKT on other networks.”