Jiuzhou integrates FROG by Wyplay TV software

Thursday, January 9th, 2014
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Jiuzhou Integrates FROG by Wyplay the Revolutionary Open Source Next Generation TV Software Solution

LAS VEGAS, NV — Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co. Ltd. is committed to the development of digital audio and video industry since its inception. Company is one of the earliest developers and biggest manufacturers of DVB-S/C/T STB, and digital TV headend/Gepon/HFC System providers in China started from 1984. Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric decided to join Frog by Wyplay initiative for its next generation STB platforms.

Frog by Wyplay is the very first independent open source software solution for Pay-TV operators. This comprehensive solution, based on Wyplay’s technology, is currently deployed in more than 10 million set-top boxes, and includes all the components to build operator’s products with access to the complete source code.
As an example, Canal+ broadcaster has been the very first Pay-TV operator to benefit from Frog innovative solution. Canal is currently updating all its legacy set-top boxes in the field with a brand new software version powered by Frog.

“Jiuzhou management immediately understood key benefits to join the Frog By Wyplay Eco-system. Frog solution is indeed offering the relevant flexibility and modularity the whole TV industry was expecting for ages” said Wyplay CMO Dominique Feral. “As per the smartphone industry where Android offers mobile device manufacturers new innovative features to highly demanding end customers, Frog By Wyplay is being stated as the very best solution for the STB manufacturers to meet TV operator’s needs.

“We are delighted to tear benefits from Wyplay new strategy consisting into enabling Juizhou accessing to Wyplay Middelware entire source code for free and without any restriction” added Mr. Wei Huang, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Jiuzhou. “Thanks to Frog initiative, Juizhou is becoming fully autonomous into offering, not only a highly flexible Middleware solution to customers, but also an unmatched price competitive solution compared to older generation monolithic STB Middlewares trusting today Pay TV global market.”

Frog By Wyplay will be officially launched at the CES Las Vegas tradeshow in January 2014.