Viaccess-Orca selected by Telekom Romania for IPTV and OTT multiscreen

Saturday, September 13th, 2014
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Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage-TV Everywhere Solution Selected by Telekom Romania for “Telekom TV” IPTV and OTT Multiscreen Service

  • Leveraging Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage, Telekom Romania Can Deliver Personalized Content to Any Screen

PARIS — Viaccess-Orca, a global leader in protection and enhancement of content services, announced today that telecommunications operator Telekom Romania, part of Deutsche Telekom, has selected Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage-TV Everywhere solution to drive its upcoming new IPTV and OTT multiscreen service, “Telekom TV.” Viaccess-Orca served as the primary system integrator on the project, leading a rapid service deployment and ensuring a smooth integration process with the following third-party technology partners: Cap Gemini, Friendly Technologies, Broadpeak, Harmonic, Accedo, and Zenterio, with the Zenterio operating system served on KAONMEDIA’s set-top boxes (STBs). Using Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage solution, which includes the company’s RiGHTv unified service delivery platform and COMPASS content discovery platform, Telekom Romania can deliver a wide range of content, including live television, video-on-demand (VOD), and catch-up TV, to subscribers on any screen.

“To provide a superior multiscreen service to potentially millions of subscribers across Romania, we needed a TV Everywhere solution that offers unparalleled levels of interactivity and personalization. Unifying the service delivery across different networks by using a single converged system was also important,” said Nikolai Beckers, CEO of Telekom Romania. “Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage solution enables us to offer a compelling personalized television experience on every screen. Our customers can create favorite channels lists, bookmark movies or channels, set up reminders, and record preferred content on all connected devices.”

Prior to deploying Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage, Telekom Romania was using multiple infrastructure silos for its TV offerings, such as IPTV, OTT, DTH, and cable. Voyage supports all types of TV and video service delivery modes on all devices (TVs, PCs, STBs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) with any business model (subscription, pay-per-view, etc.), allowing Telekom Romania to eliminate the technical and organizational hurdles typically involved with multiscreen service delivery. This new unified platform built by Viaccess-Orca enables Telekom Romania to support more device types, reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and quickly expand its service offering. Another innovation of Telekom TV is its availability beyond the Telekom Romania customer base via monthly subscriptions, which can increase the service’s reach and revenue.

“Utilizing our Voyage-TV Everywhere solution, Telekom Romania can provide subscribers with a personalized television experience that flows seamlessly from one screen to another, regardless of device type,” said François Moreau de Saint Martin, CEO of Viaccess-Orca. “As Telekom Romania grows, our Voyage solution will enable the operator to further enrich its customers’ journey into content experience.”