ZappoTV licenses Media Player applications to Proximus

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
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ZappoTV’s Global Media Technology Solution let’s users enjoy content on TV

SAN JOSE, CA — ZappoTV Inc. has licensed its Media Player applications to Proximus offering its customers access to personal media, select content, and Proximus Cloud. The ZappoTV applications have been launched under the Proximus SwipeBox brand on August 31st for smartphone & tablet with a custom Proximus look and feel.

ZappoTV SwipeBox

The SwipeBox software was also strategically and uniquely developed to synchronize with the functionality of the software and hardware developed by Huawei. This functionality includes the ability to swipe content from the tablet or phone directly to the TV and offers effortless switching between Live TV and the content viewing via SwipeBox utilizing PiP and HDMI switching functionalities directly from the mobile device.

Additional enabling functionality allows users to create playlists, favorites, and share content with friends At all times, the user controls their experience because the application functions as a IP remote. While enjoying video content, photo slideshows on TV, or listening to music, media controls appear permitting the user play or pause the content or adjust the volume.

Through in-depth usability testing, a user-friendly and intuitive interface has been developed where users have easy access to a wealth of media content from many sources such as YouTube, Video Podcasts, Audio Podcasts, DLNA servers, SMB Shares, Flickr, Picasa, Proximus Cloud, Facebook, UberStations, and the customer’s mobile device itself.

To deliver an individual and personalized experience, video content channels are currently curated for various regions including Belgium, France and The Netherlands.