ViXS launches USB DTT SoC and TV stick for mobile devices

Monday, January 4th, 2016
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ViXS Launches a Single Stream Transcoding Over-the-Air (OTA) CordCutterTV Stick Solution

  • New XCode 5505 Chipset and CordCutterTV Stick, Deliver a Low Cost, Low Power, Small Form Factor Solution Which Streams Free OTA Content to Your Video Devices Easily and Seamlessly

TORONTO, ON — ViXS Systems Inc. (“ViXS” or the “Company”) (TSX: VXS), a pioneer and leader in media processing solutions, announces the XCode 5505 chipset and the CordCutterTV stick solution for Over-the-Air (OTA) streaming to mobile video devices. As the cord cutter phenomenon continues to grow, consumers increasingly use their smart mobile devices as a method to view content and as consumers look for alternative ways to access free video content, there is a dire need for an inexpensive and simple streaming solution to provide free TV to smart mobile devices. ViXS’ CordCutterTV stick solution meets these needs, with the XCode 5505 as the engine for this solution, it delivers a precedent setting, low cost, low power, small form factor solution to stream free Over-the-Air (OTA) content easily, seamlessly, and reliably to your smart mobile device. The XCode 5505 chipset is available now for order placement and the CordCutter TV Stick solution will be available in Q1 2016.

Recently in North America, there has been a significant decrease of traditional PayTV cable and satellite subscriber households. Online subscriptions of On-Demand Video services are rapidly increasing, smart mobile devices are becoming the primary screen and the increased availability of diverse free OTA content has provided a new emerging opportunity for manufacturers. The culmination of all these trends has resulted in the opportunity to provide this growing consumer segment with a simple, affordable and easy to use OTA streaming solution, which allows them the freedom to watch free OTA content on their smart mobile device in addition to their On-Demand video services.

“ViXS is excited to have released the new XCode 5505, a cost effective single stream transcoding chipset to the market with its patented video processing features and hardware video transcoding pedigree targeting this growing OTA streaming market,” said John Pomeroy, VP of Marketing and Business Development, ViXS Systems Inc. “In addition, the new CordCutterTV Stick will revolutionize this emerging OTA streaming market with its powerful hardware transcoder, high quality video output, its small form factor and its ease of use, making this platform a necessity for anyone looking to complement their On-Demand video services.”

XCode 5505 Features:

  • Single Stream hardware HD to HD Real-time transcoding
  • Single DDR3 Memory interface
  • Powerful 600MHz Embedded CPU
  • Transport input for Tuner support
  • USB 2.0 Host Port

CordCutterTV Stick Features:

  • ATSC / DVB OTA reception options
  • Ethernet / WiFi streaming
  • Hardware HD to HD Real-time Transcoding
  • Support for iOS and Android clients
  • Low Power / Small Form Factor design

ViXS will be showcasing OTA streaming solutions at CES 2016, January 6th to 9th in the ViXS booth MP26055, in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South Hall 2, lower level.