Samsung and partners demonstrate live UHD HDR TV via ATSC 3.0 at CES2016

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
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Samsung and Partners Demonstrate Live UHD HDR TV Broadcast via ATSC 3.0 at CES 2016

  • Samsung and Partners Demonstrate Live UHD HDR TV Broadcast via ATSC 3.0 at CES 2016

LAS VEGAS, USA — At CES 2016, Samsung Electronics, Sinclair Broadcast Group, ONE Media, Pearl TV and TeamCast are demonstrating the broadcast and receiving capabilities of ATSC 3.0, the cutting-edge terrestrial TV standard. The demonstration includes reception of Ultra High Definition (UHD) High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4K content using ATSC 3.0 in a live transmission originating from a local broadcast TV station to a Samsung S-UHD TV with ATSC 3.0 receiver at the Samsung Electronics booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center. This demonstration is a product of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in June 2015 by Samsung, Sinclair and the Pearl TV partnership.

The over-the-air TV signal is radiated from a transmitter at Sinclair’s facility on Black Mountain near Las Vegas. With the help of Acrodyne Services and TeamCast, Sinclair converted a standby station transmission system using the exTra3.0, the very first ATSC 3.0 real-time exciter available today on the market and designed by TeamCast.

Samsung and Partners Demonstrate Live UHD HDR TV Broadcast via ATSC 3.0 at CES 2016

John Godfrey, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Samsung Electronics America said, “Samsung is leading the world with the best UHD HDR TVs and continues to be at the forefront of ATSC 3.0. We are excited that almost all parts of the standard have reached Candidate Standard status. ATSC 3.0 will give TV broadcasters the ability to utilize and participate in the dazzling UHD and HDR 4K ecosystem.”

“Enhancing our core television business with stunning content will attract more viewers and advertisers. Adding new capabilities will drive value and enhance revenue opportunities across our broadcast infrastructure,” said Sinclair’s Mark Aitken, Vice President of Advanced Technology.

“ATSC 3.0 provides the opportunity for NextGen TV to transform the broadcast landscape,” said ONE Media’s EVP of Strategic Development and CTO, Kevin Gage. “We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of new B2B and B2C services that the NextGen broadcast platform will enable.”

“Next-generation television is one step closer to reality with the incredible over-the-air demonstration of High Dynamic Range delivered with an ATSC 3.0 transmission from Sinclair’s Las Vegas station. We salute Samsung for showing CES attendees how the future of TV will be even bigger, better, and more immersive,” said Pearl TV Managing Director, Anne Schelle.

Eric Pinson, Business Unit Manager, TeamCast said, “We are proud to contribute to this incredible over-the-air demo and to illustrate in real operation our new exTra3.0 exciter. The exTra3.0 has been especially designed to meet broadcaster’s demand for early testing of this new ATSC 3.0 technology during the standard finalization period.”