Skyworth deploys SERAPHIC TV Browser in smart TVs for Europe

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Skyworth Deploys SERAPHIC TV Browser to March for the World Market

  • Chinese TV manufacture Skyworth has selected the SERAPHIC’s Blink-based Sraf® TV Browser for its smart TVs in Europe

Skyworth, the advanced consumer electronics maker, has declared it’s complete adoption of SERAPHIC’s Blink-based Sraf®TV Browser in its connected TVs, aiming at providing superb visual effects and entertainment experiences.

Since 2010, Skyworth, the world’s leading TV brand and manufacturer, has devoted itself to large resources for pushing its original brand in overseas market. Among all lines of its products, SERAPHIC lays emphasis on smart TV portal because of its strategic value. “From Germany to Europe” has always been its overseas strategy. In order to fulfill the goal, Skyworth has formed the close partnership with SERAPHIC, a company characterized by strong spirits of innovation and continuous focus on research and development of new technologies and additionally has thorough insights to European and South American market.

Picture Copyright: Netrange

SERAPHIC, the rising star in digital TV industry, will provide Blink-based Sraf® TV Browser and tailored software solutions for Skyworth and they two will cooperate in global market, including South America, Europe and Taiwan, etc.

SERAPHIC, the leading digital TV browser technology provider, holds over 80% share in world’s Blink/Linux-based TV Browser market. It has served European and South American markets. Sraf®TV Browser supports about 1,000 smart TV APPs, accommodated by multiple mainstream TV Portals, and various TV standards including HbbTV 2.0, Freeview Play, BBC iPlayer, etc. Its Sraf® TV Browser has been ported to various TV and set-top box (STB) SoCs including MStar, Broadcom, Sigma Designs, Alitech, etc. Its market has covered more than 40 countries and regions, including Germany, France, Italy, Europe, Brazil, etc.

With the rapid growths of OTT and web-based services in consumer electronics, family users, who are no longer satisfied about receiving TV contents passively, are looking forward to interesting contents, easy interactions and intuitive user experience which fit perfectly into large screens and intelligent controlling of smart TV in their sitting rooms while they enjoy unlimited content and services by connecting with the internet. As a key Web engine technology provider, SERAPHIC meets with their needs and pushes digital TV to become an entertainment portal for future’s home internet.

Wang Ye, CSO of SERAPHIC, said, “Sraf® TV Browser has emerged in overseas digital TV industry and held a rising global market share. We are dedicated to providing the global market with cutting-edge and innovative software solutions that can fulfill major industrial standards, technical specifications and region-specific requirements in the global digital TV market space and to really continuously improving user experience. Focus on global leading innovations and prominent professionalism have made SERAPHIC an ideal partner whom Skyworth is searching for to expand its global market. We do believe that the profound collaboration between two parties will bring forth better products to and raise the bar in global digital TV markets.”