Amino powers DELTA cloud TV in the Netherlands

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
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Amino MOVE powers DELTA cloud-TV in the Netherlands

  • DELTA’s customers can now enjoy Digital TV ‘everywhere anytime’ – with live, catch up and personal video recording

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom — Amino today announces that its AminoMOVE cloud-based TV solution is powering the launch of the new DELTA TV-app: “anytime, anywhere” multiscreen TV service.

The service, provided by Dutch utility company DELTA, offers consumers a range of entertainment – including 50 live TV channels, half of which have “replay TV” and PVR functionality allowing users to re-start programmes and a full seven day “catch up” TV service. Up to 250 hours of storage is also provided, ensuring customers can record their favourite content.

A new user interface has also been developed, running on operating systems including iOS and Android, allowing users to access content via a new app on their mobile devices. The service includes a new feature-rich electronic programme guide for “catch up” and seven day forward viewing with programme imagery. Support for Chromecast is available.

Previously, DELTA TV offered linear TV with limited capabilities on mobile apps only, and the whole delivery system and consumer interfaces were changed to Amino MOVE.

Amino MOVE is a complete end-to-end cloud-based TV software platform that enables operators and content owners to offer an OTT multi-screen TV service to screens inside and outside the home and was developed by Booxmedia, which Amino acquired in May 2015.

Dave Horians, Manager Customer Basics at DELTA said: “Television has quickly become natively digital – from creation to distribution and consumption. The adoption speed of cloud-TV services has been rapidly increasing and our customers now expect the same experience from live TV as they are used to with on-demand programming. We found Amino and its Booxmedia team to be the best partner to deliver what we need as a comprehensive yet manageable solution, and were happy that they could deliver the whole implementation project from start to finish in eight months.”

Amino EVP Cloud Services and Solutions Michael Clegg added: “For DELTA customers the change means new sleek user interfaces on the web, Android and iOS apps offering new channels and functionality. To achieve that, in terms of technology, the whole end-to-end OTT solution was changed over to Amino MOVE, powered by Booxmedia: media ingest, encoding, transcoding, DRM, service discovery, user interfaces as well as CRM integration.”