Nigeria's CTL first to deploy Conax Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based security

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016
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CTL MMDS CABLE TV PLATFORM first to deploy Conax’ Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based security platform for pay-TV operations

  • Upgrade to new cloud-based service provides CTL MMDS Cable TV with premium scalability, fast-time-to-market and reduced upfront capex for launching new consumer services
  • Enables highly cost-efficient, flexible and secure business model for tapping growth opportunities in vast Nigerian pay-TV market

AMSTERDAM — IBC Expo — Conax, part of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD:S), and a leader in total service protection for digital entertainment services worldwide via broadcast, broadband and connected devices, today announced Terrestrial pay-TV operator Communications Trend Limited as the first customer to deploy the newly launched Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based content protection platform. MMDS operator CTL Cable provides a bouquet of services spanning twelve major cities in Nigeria. A Conax customer since 2003, the upgrade to the cloud-based service further extends its relationship with security partner Conax and provides the operator with a robust, flexible and secure solution with premium scalability, fast-time-to-market and investment needs for adopting new consumer services and tapping additional growth.

“Our philosophy is that providing quality television services brings educational opportunities to the vast region and diversified demographics we serve,” says Mr. Ofem Ekapong Ofem, Group Chief Operating Office, Communications Trend Limited. “For CTL Cable TV it is of utmost importance to create a competitive business model that provides the flexible and secure consumer services that enable our customers to enjoy quality pay-TV programming, while securing our revenue base. I am confident in the deployment of the scalable cloud-based services provided by our long term security provider, Conax, to enable our platform with future-oriented tools”.

Insight from a recent article in Broadband TV News, “Software as a service (SaaS) has emerged as a viable solution for various facets of pay-TV operations such as encoding, streaming & content security. Hosting part or all of security services off-site, operators can unlock the flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies needed to be competitive in the broadcast and OTT multiscreen space.”

“There are many indicators predicting that service-based models will become key business drivers moving forward,” says Tom Jahr, EVP Products & Marketing, Conax. “Conax already has extensive and long experience in operational security hosting, including operations with up to 14 million subscribers. We are now taking our flagship Conax Contego unified security back-end to the next level by transforming our business model to include future-oriented SaaS models. Thus, we are very excited to welcome and announce long-term customer, CTL cable, as the first to deploy our new Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based platform. We are confident that the new platform will further enhance security on its network and boost revenues.”

The highly flexible, modular Contego-as-a-Service cloud-based offering includes the full benefits of the flagship Conax Contego unified security platform, supporting DVB, IPTV and OTT plus all key DRM technologies – enabling operators to provide streamlined consumer experience across devices and technologies. Contego-as-a-Service provides pay-TV platforms with a unique business model for supporting future growth by featuring low CAPEX, reduced operational complexity, premium scalability and rapid deployment of new features such as secure TV everywhere and streamlined content delivery across devices and networks.