Streamroot and Veygo team up for multiscreen video delivery

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017
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Streamroot and Veygo team up for next-generation multi-screen video delivery solution

  • Streamroot & Veygo’s winning partnership offers unparalleled user experience
    and controlled delivery cost as the keys to a profitable OTT business

NEW YORK, PARIS — Streamroot Inc., the leader in hybrid OTT optimisation technologies, and Veygo, a preeminent digital experience intelligence platform, today announced the successful integration of their core streaming solutions with the aim of enabling content publishers to deliver high quality video at a predictable, scalable cost across user platforms.

Streamroot DNA™, Distributed Network Architecture, is a crucial foundation for building profitable, robust OTT video strategies. Through dynamic and intelligent distributed delivery, this Infrastructure as a Service solution heightens QoE and drastically cuts delivery cost. Meta_Video Player™, Veygo’s next-generation cross-platform media player, meanwhile offers unparalleled customization and monetization capabilities, along with digital rights management, user engagement and retention in mind.

In partnership, the industry-leading player and delivery technologies of Streamroot and Veygo fit seamlessly together to provide an OTT solution of exceptional quality. Delivering an unparalleled user experience in both delivery and design, these complementary solutions promote a flawless experience for the end-user and a more profitable platform for the provider.

“Veygo is an innovative player in the industry, offering powerful video solutions for service providers looking to deliver premium content across multiple networks,” commented Pierre-Louis Théron, Co-founder and CEO of Streamroot. “We’re delighted to be able to leverage this combined solutions to deliver flawless quality to viewers all over the world.”

“We consider the Streamroot DNA™ integration within our Meta-Video Player™ SDK to be a major achievement,” elaborated Jean-Christophe Perier, Founder and CEO of Veygo. “We are looking forward to further aligning our roadmaps and addressing commercial opportunities together. With this partnership, we uphold our promise to deliver unique value to our customers.”

The companies’ joint solution is currently available for trials. Both Streamroot and Veygo will be showcasing their latest streaming innovations at NAB Show 2017, from April 24 – 27, and at Broadcast Asia, from May 23 – 25.