NOWO delivers OTT video with castLabs multi-DRM and video player

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
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NOWO Delivers Live TV and Movies Securely using PRESTOplay and DRMtoday

BERLIN — castLabs, a global partner in premium digital video technology, has announced a collaboration with Portuguese cable operator NOWO to facilitate multiscreen delivery of both live and VOD DRM-protected content for the NOWO TV App.

Harnessing the performance and interoperability of castLabs’ multi-DRM license delivery network DRMtoday with PRESTOplay video player SDKs, NOWO subscribers can securely stream movies and more than 100 live TV channels across browsers, iOS and Android devices and the ADB set-top box with the lowest playback latency.

Handling protected streams from this many channels and movie titles requires an easily managed multi-DRM solution supporting FairPlay Streaming by Apple, Microsoft® PlayReady® and Google Widevine™ licensing. Further, live content needs enhanced protection from being compromised mid-stream. castLabs’ DRMtoday provides the necessary multi-DRM support with just a single integration, while mitigating live content security concerns through a recurrent key rotation mechanism.

Integration of both DRM and video player technologies within the next-gen Nebula TV platform from Androme was crucial for NOWO. VP Media Solutions engineered the full converged DVB-S / OTT headend.

“Our rich and integrated ecosystem ensures the need for NOWO to use the components it prefers-Androme Nebula, Broadpeak Origin and CDN and AWS Elemental Live, AWS Elemental Conductor and AWS Elemental Server-to deliver fully-featured video playback for live streaming, VOD, or catch-up TV services,” said Michael Stattmann, CEO of castLabs. “This streamlining creates efficiencies and limits cost for NOWO while delivering a competitive, high quality multiscreen service for NOWO TV’s Portuguese viewership.”

“Wherever and however users are connecting and using the NOWO TV app, castLabs technologies ensure a high quality secure viewing experience with the lowest latency across any screen at any time,” said Ana Maria Teixeira, CTO of NOWO.

castLabs will exhibit and offer demonstrations of PRESTOplay video player SDKs, DRMtoday, and its full range of video delivery solutions at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam September 15-19th. Don’t delay in booking your meeting with castLabs.