Tricolor TV and NEOTION enable public establishments in Russia to offer mobile TV

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Tricolor TV and NEOTION introduce the «Territory of Tricolor TV» — a new service for individual TV watching on mobile devices within the public establishments of Russia

AUBAGNE, France — Tricolor TV, the largest Russian operator of digital television in partnership with NEOTION, specializing in developing innovative solutions for digital television, are launching a new service for B2B segment, which is “Territory of Tricolor TV” in the broadcasting zone of the satellite Eutelsat 36C.

Facility to connect the service “Territory of Tricolor TV”:
Hybrid media server by NEOTION

Since November 2017 Tricolor TV offers companies to improve quality service, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with new service of Tricolor TV; the service activation first needs the set of equipment developed and manufactured by NEOTION and including a dedicated compact hybrid media server and required components.

Hybrid media server NEOTION provides the possibility of multi-screen watching video content from mobile devices (smartphones or electronic tablets with Android or iOS operating system) through the use of IP multicast via satellite. Combining NEOTION’s software and hardware innovations, as well as high-quality content of Tricolor TV, the service “Territory of Tricolor TV” allows organizations to offer its visitors dozens of different channels. The service may be available up to 50 devices simultaneously and does not require high data transfer speed (100 Kbps). The service is scalable and capable of expanding technical coverage.

Broadcasting channels of Tricolor TV is carried out using IP-technology. The NEOTION compact hybrid media server connects directly to a satellite network (DVB-S2) and local Wi-Fi router and allows users of “Territory of Tricolor TV” to enjoy watching high-quality television on individual mobile device.

The NEOTION solution allows individual broadcast to each mobile device by combining the satellite signal and Internet connection with low connection speeds. It is a revolution in the use of network capabilities as IP technologies integration for multi-screen watching was a top concern for operators because of the high traffic consumption. The scalability and flexibility of NEOTION’s solution will allow Tricolor TV in the near future to add the offer of non-linear services.

The end user simply needs to download free app “Smotry TV (Watch TV)” on his/her mobile device and he/she will be able to watch TV channels of Tricolor TV on his/her mobile device on-premises connected to the service “Territory of Tricolor TV” totally free.

Alexei Karpov, Deputy General Director for development of linear TV Tricolor TV: “As a result of the fruitful cooperation between Tricolor TV and NEOTION, the service “Territory of Tricolor TV” will allow us to quickly expand our presence beyond the traditional linear of television broadcasting. It is an innovative product thanks to which B2B customers of Tricolor TV will be able to improve their attractiveness for visitors and their loyalty by providing access to high-quality modern television on personal smartphones and electronic tablets”.

“NEOTION is proud of its active participation in this project, which is unique to Russian and European markets. We have already started work on the next phase of cooperation on the territory of Russia, which will also be innovative.” said Olivier DEMOLY, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at NEOTION.