Stoneroos delivers set-top box UI for DELTA’s IPTV service

Thursday, January 11th, 2018
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Stoneroos delivers set-top box application for DELTA’s new IPTV service

DELTA, the Netherlands-based provider of Internet, TV, telephony and energy, is deploying a set-top box (STB) application from Hilversum-based Stoneroos for its new all IP-based service model.

Stoneroos developed a large number of functionalities for the STB. Packages offered by DELTA now include over 140 live TV channels, many of which have ‘replay TV’, allowing users to re-start live programmes and a full seven day ‘catch up’ TV service. Up to 250 hours of n-PVR storage is also provided, ensuring customers can record their favourite content. The service also offers the Stoneroos patented TV guide (also known as EPG, Electronic Program Guide).

The deployment marks the start of a Partnership Agreement between DELTA and Stoneroos. Thanks to this cooperation, customers of DELTA can expect on the best possible digital television services.

Within this framework agreement, DELTA gives Stoneroos assignments to also develop the iOS apps and Android apps for smartphones, tablets and web applications, which are expected in the coming months.

Currently, DELTA offers with the DELTA TV app an OTT product (Over-The-Top), which is connected to the Amino MOVE platform, allowing customers to watch digital television on a wide range of devices, such as laptops, desk computers, smartphones and tablets, anytime, anywhere. DELTA is supplying its customers theAmino’s 6 series 4K/UHD compatible IPTV device.

“DELTA is pleased with the knowledge and expertise of Stoneroos and the way they have helped to develop our new interactive TV platform. With this offer, our customers have all the freedom and endless possibilities to watch TV wherever and whenever they want. With the latest on-demand capabilities, our customers get a TV platform that excels in user-friendliness and delivers a highly personalised experience.” says Karl Heinz van der Made, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of DELTA.

“Stoneroos is very proud that DELTA has given us this comprehensive assignment, which makes it possible to enable its customers to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by the digital network,” says Annelies Kaptein, General Manager and founder of Stoneroos.