Edgeware enables server-side dynamic ad insertion for Android devices

Monday, March 26th, 2018
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Ad Enabler delivers frame-accurate segmentation allowing seamless transition between content and ads for OTT TV

Edgeware today announces Ad Enabler – a brand new software product in its suite of origin tools. The product makes Edgeware’s ad insertion solution one of the first to support live OTT ad insertion on the MPEG-DASH standard – the native format for Android devices. Ad Enabler uses frame-accurate segmentation to allow an exact and seamless transition between content and ad frames, which can be used in server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for live OTT, live-to-VoD and time-shift TV services.

As well as supporting the HLS standard, the native format for devices using Apple’s iOS, Ad Enabler now also allows for SSAI being delivered to all Android-operated devices. The combined support for both DASH and HLS means that dynamic personalized advertising can be provided in close to all platforms on the market. The Google-developed OS currently represents a 63.2% market share for smartphones in the US and 64% in Great Britain, according to recent figures from Kantar WorldPanel.

The Ad Enabler detects the SCTE-35 ad markers in an incoming live stream, which dictate where an ad break is to be inserted into the stream and for how long it should play. The frame-accurate segmentation provided by the Ad Enabler makes sure that the transitions between content and ads are made according to the SCTE-35 markers and that ad breaks don’t override parts of the content or cause glitches in the viewing experience.

The Ad Enabler utilises a proven integration with leading ad-stitching technology vendor, Yospace for server-side dynamic ad insertion (SSAI). Inserting ads server-side enables a seamless, TV-like user experience and vastly reduces the threat to advertising caused by ad blocking applications, giving advertisers the confidence that their adverts will be seen by users, as paid for. The Ad Enabler also provides client-side ad insertion (CSAI).

“Our integration with Edgeware for server-side DAI into HLS and DASH is significant because it allows Edgeware’s broadcaster customers to monetise live simulcast natively across the widest range of connected devices,” said Simon Kenyon, Principal Architect at Yospace. “It simplifies the broadcaster’s multiscreen workflow and reduces the amount of development time needed to support player updates across multiple platforms.”

The same mechanisms used for ad insertion can also be used for conditional black-out and localized program replacement, leading to several application areas for the Ad Enabler.

“Because Android is used by such a large proportion of the market, the capability of delivering frame-accurate segmentation in MPEG-DASH format is incredibly important”, added Johan Bolin, VP Products at Edgeware. “It allows our customers to offer personalized ads with a glitch-free viewing experience to Android users, which represents a significant new revenue opportunity.”

Ad Enabler will be presented on the Edgeware booth (SU10201CM) at the 2018 NAB Show which runs between April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.