Edgeware StreamBuilder selected for A1 Xplore TV

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020
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A1 taps Edgeware’s StreamBuilder to boost multi-screen OTT viewing

  • A1 Telekom Austria Group’s new A1 Xplore TV platform utilizes StreamBuilder’s advanced segmentation and packaging functionality to reach online audiences on multiple devices

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Edgeware today announces that A1 Telekom Austria Group, the leading provider of digital communications services in Central and Eastern Europe, has deployed Edgeware’s advanced online TV solutions to help maximize audience reach for its new content and streaming platform, A1 Xplore TV. Tapping into Edgeware’s OTT CDN technology and the segmentation and packaging functionality within Edgeware’s recently announced StreamBuilder platform, A1 can now meet the demand for multi-screen viewing across multiple devices and accelerate its new OTT offering in a highly competitive market.

Launched in March 2020, A1 Xplore TV offers a unified content and streaming platform across IPTV and DVB-C networks, iOS and Android apps, and Google Chromecast in multiple Central and Eastern European markets. In order to deliver a multi-screen service, A1 selected Edgeware’s StreamBuilder for its repackaging functionality, which enables the conversion of just-in-time live and VoD assets into adaptive streaming formats requested by Apple (HLS), Android (DASH) and Microsoft (MSS) devices. By only keeping a single copy of its video profiles and generating the right ABR formats on request, A1 benefits from StreamBuilder’s significant storage savings. The content lifecycle is completed with Edgeware’s OTT CDN technology, which ensures seamless content delivery to various clients.

“As we make the move from IPTV to OTT, we’ve chosen to extend our partnership with Edgeware as our trusted CDN technology provider and repackaging supplier,” said Alexander Stock, CTO at A1. “StreamBuilder’s rich support for each individual format’s multiple variations makes it an essential component of the A1 Xplore TV content delivery workflow and, together with Edgeware’s OTT CDN, allows us to deliver glitch-free streaming to any device and boost our market reach.”

“In today’s competitive streaming marketplace where audiences require on-the-go TV viewing and compatibility across various devices, our OTT CDN and StreamBuilder platform are key enablers and important prerequisites for the next generation of online TV,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware. “As we evolve from our IPTV CDN business, we’re excited to continue supporting A1 Telekom Austria Group on its mission to grow its brand across Central and Eastern Europe.”