DutchChannels to offer video services based on Axinom's OTT platform

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
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DutchChannels, a Netherlands-based media company became the first Benelux OTT service operator launching digital platforms built on Axinom

FÜRTH — DutchChannels has chosen Axinom to build a fully managed, end-to-end platform for launching cutting-edge video services for niche, branded and independent channels, becoming the first Benelux service operator providing services built on the Axinom platform. The new VOD as a Service offering includes online audience building, payment services and content management.

DutchChannels is the latest service operator to select Axinom for building an OTT platform powering niche-targeted video services for audiences across Europe. The new platform is built on top of Axinom’s product portfolio as a white-label solution, leveraging Axinom CMS (Content Management), Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management), and Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing). It provides DutchChannels with a complete backend technology infrastructure for introducing new services to the OTT market.

The first OTT service resulting from this collaboration, New Faith Network, has been launched as an on-demand and live video streaming platform that pays attention to modern Christianity with a wide range of Dutch speakers, movies, TV shows, and live events. Likewise, there are many more offerings currently in development, targeting various special interest groups.

“Creating a powerful platform capable of handling many different types of content and monetization options for diverse niche markets was a compelling task for us which we successfully completed.”, said Ralph Wagner, Axinom CEO. “As a result of our vast experience in the OTT industry, we’re able to instantly recognize companies like DutchChannels that will surely succeed with their innovative projects and leave a deep footprint on the fragmented OTT video market.”

“As the number of niche channels in our ecosystem grows, we’re embracing the opportunity to launch modern on-demand and live video platforms and serve different niche audiences around Europe. From the very beginning, we knew that working with Axinom will ensure us to achieve our goals and create the basis for our future business. We already launched successfully our first niche channel, New Faith Network, with plans to launch several more unique channels in the coming months. We believe that online streaming video will become the next big step in direct customer services”, says Gerben Ras, DutchChannels Co-founder.

The operator’s digital platform built on Axinom’s OTT product portfolio covers content management, ingest, encoding, protection, asset and metadata management, digital rights management, EPG customization, subscribers, payments and donations, analytics and reporting, monetization, and integration with payment gateways and 3rd party services. By leveraging Axinom’s content management system which is designed to support content teams with a high grade of automation and an intuitive user interface, DutchChannels can concentrate on tailoring their content according to the niche they go after, and on introducing innovative, high quality video services. For assuring the multi-platform security in any environment, Axinom provided access to its multi-DRM service in the cloud supporting industry-leading DRM technologies behind a unified API.