DTG releases D-Book 10 Conformance Test Suites

Friday, June 29th, 2018
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DTG Release the New D-Book 10 Conformance Test Suites

DTG - D-Book 10 Conformance Test Suites

D-Book 10 conformance Test Suites are now available to all existing fully supported licence holders and are being used as of 2nd July 2018.

The first addition to the Test Suites is the new Linear Services tests for testing HEVC at HD and UHD resolution, and both SDR and HDR modes for all receivers supporting the feature on their broadcast interface. HFR testing will be introduced later in the year. A second addition is the new Option 12 signalling included in the UK SI DVB-T2 test suite.

The HD Simulcast LCN descriptor tests have been removed from the DVB-T2 SI test suite and the UK SI DVB-T Si42 test stream along with the Broadcast Record Lists stability test has been removed from the UK SI DVB-T test suite.

Ian Medland, Associate Director, Testing for DTG said, Our DTG Testing team has worked hard to deliver the new D-Book 10 Test Suites. We continue to keep the tests suites in line with D-Book developments. An important part of this release is to ensure the future of interoperability for UHD and HDR services when they are introduced on DTT.

For more information, please contact Georgie Wilks-Wiffen, Marketing Communications Manager for the DTG at gwilkswiffen@dtg.org.uk