Tivù partners with Vewd to introduce HbbTV Operator Apps

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018
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OSLO, Norway — Tivù, the company that manages Italy’s leading free-to-view satellite TV platform tivùsat, has become the world’s first operator to deploy an HbbTV Operator App (OpApp) together with Vewd, the global market leader in enabling OTT. tivùon, Tivù’s OpApp, creates a virtual set-top box with an operator’s own UI and applications to offer a more engaging and branded user experience.

For Tivù, embracing HbbTV Operator Apps means offering customers the freedom to choose any set-top box supporting the OpApp spec. When the device is activated on the network, the customer automatically receives Tivù’s application, tivùon, which turns the set-top box into a customized Tivùsat experience.

“We’re proud to be the first free-to-view TV operator to support OpApp, thanks to a great working relationship with our partners Vewd, Opentech and Yotta Media Labs,” said Alberto Sigismondi, CEO of tivù. “This Operator Application dramatically enhances the usability of interactive services and the viewer experience steps up to the next level; narrowing the gap with pay TV’s user experience but without any subscription fee for the viewer. That’s why we aim to integrate OpApp’s into the next generation devices from 2019 onwards.”

Vewd supplied Vewd Core, the most-chosen HTML5 SDK for connected TV devices, and three Vewd Core modules: the award-winning HbbTV module, newly released Operator Applications module and industry-leading Media Player module. The Media Player module enables OTT video playback in the tivùon app and leverages modern streaming and DRM technologies, such as MPEG-DASH (DVB-DASH), and Marlin DRM.

To complete this rich OpApp experience for consumers, Tivùsat tapped HbbTV technical experts Yotta Media Labs to build the application, and Opentech, a leading South Korea set-top box manufacturer, to produce the set-top boxes supporting OpApp.

“This will be a big win for tivùsat subscribers, who can purchase an Opentech device and immediately get the tivùon app and experience, without any time-consuming firmware upgrades,” said Juyong Lee, Managing Director and Head of STB Division, Opentech. “OpApp allows us to scale effortlessly and serve tivùsat with our market-leading set-top box solutions.”

“Yotta Media are thrilled to have played an integral part in delivering an initial vision into an exciting and engaging consumer product,” said Raj Patel, CEO of Yotta Media Labs. “We believe that OpApps are the keystone that binds the OTT and Broadcast worlds together to make a truly hybrid universe and takes the consumer on a journey of discovery.”

“With HbbTV available in more than 35 markets, operator apps have the potential to transform the way hundreds of millions of people relate to their operator,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “Operator Apps enable better experiences, new consumer-friendly business models, and retail opportunities, and easily scale on the screens customers use most. We’re pleased to be part of this historic first deployment along with Tivusat’s other partners, Opentech and Yotta Media Labs.”