Aire Networks adds forensic watermarking from Verimatrix

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
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Aire Networks Bolsters Verimatrix VCAS Deployment with VideoMark Forensic Watermarking

  • Reinvestment in VCAS Framework Optimizes Security of Perseo TV Premium OTT Services

BARCELONA — Mobile World Congress — Verimatrix, a specialist in enhancing and securing revenue for connected services, today announced that Spanish network operator Aire Networks has extended its investment in its Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) framework to maximize security for the TV Everywhere streaming offered by its Perseo TV premium OTT services. VideoMark, Verimatrix’s award-winning client-side watermarking solution for live and on-demand video services, now plays a critical role in protecting the revenue of valuable VOD content, including live sports now offered by Perseo TV.

Aire Networks’ existing VCAS framework was initially deployed to enable uninterrupted multiscreen viewing experiences for live and VOD content with cross-platform device support. The framework was deployed with long-term plans for VideoMark integration, providing a strong, scalable security foundation for Perseo TV to become globally available to a potential audience of 4.5M subscribers and eventually launch live sports.

VideoMark protects Perseo TV’s live sports streaming, which is currently exclusively available for professional use. Watermarking ensures that establishments displaying Perseo TV live sports for their patrons have acquired the appropriate subscription level in compliance with content owners’ permissions. When Aire Networks extends live sports streaming to residential use in the near future, VideoMark will also be used to prevent illicit redistribution by rapidly identifying restreams and shutting them down in real time. This works by embedding session-based watermarks that are unique, imperceptible, robust and secure; because they are invisible to end users, the entire VideoMark process won’t compromise the viewing experience.

“We continue to invest in Verimatrix because of its proven ability to scale with the evolving security needs of our expanding Perseo TV service, topped off with first-class technical support,” commented Aire Networks’ Manuel Monserrate. “The addition of live sports streaming has introduced new challenges – from complex content owner requirements, to subscription management and, eventually, the ceaseless fight against illegal redistribution. However, our newly bolstered VCAS framework does the heavy lifting for us – all while providing the highest level of threat protection.”

“The launch of live sports is another huge milestone for Aire Networks that Verimatrix is proud to help support. When the VCAS infrastructure was first implemented, we set the foundation to be easily adaptable for Perseo TV service offerings as they continue to grow and take new shape; that was exactly the case with deploying VideoMark,” said Verimatrix President Steve Oetegenn. “Verimatrix was the first to market the practical application of forensic video watermarking to protect live sports and premium VOD content, and having the progressive Aire Networks select VideoMark for both validates that our sophisticated technology continues to stay at the forefront of the industry.”