Local online video actors particularly strong in the Nordics

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
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Local players strong in the Nordics, Netflix and Amazon dominate EU market

Local online video actors are particularly strong in the Nordics compared to the European market. Mediavision has found that Netflix and Amazon combined holds roughly a 40 percent share of all Nordic online video subscriptions. This week we are zooming in on Netflix and Amazon’s position in the Nordics vs the rest of Europe.

Amazon Prime Video & Netflix share of subscribers, Nordics and Europe, 2018

Amazon Prime Video & Netflix share of subscribers, Nordics and Europe, 2018

Mediavision has found that in the streaming-heavy Nordic region Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s combined share of online video subscriptions sums up to 39 percent. Comparatively, according to a recent report by Kagan, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video holds a much more dominant share of 72 percent on the European market.

Netflix and Amazon’s dominant position on the European market as opposed to the Nordics can be attributed to several factors. For instance, Amazon Prime Video has not been available on the Nordic market for as long as its competitors. Thus far, Amazon Prime Video make up a miniscule share of Nordic subscribers in comparison to Netflix.

Also, local actors in the Nordics are challenging the likes of Netflix. For comparison, MTG-owned Viaplay outsizes Amazon Prime Video many times over with its nearly 1.3 million subscribers and has grown its base of users steadily over the last couple of years.

On the global market, competition will ramp up even further during 2019 as several major players are preparing the launch of video streaming services on a global scale. 2019 is set to become a very exciting year, Mediavision is following the development closely.