SERAPHIC and CVTE offer customisable Freeview Play 4K TV solution

Friday, June 14th, 2019

CVTE joins hands with SERAPHIC in UK

CVTE, the worldwide renowned LCD TV main board solution provider, co-worked with SERAPHIC Information Technology to launch Freeview Play 2018 compliant 4K TVs, helping emerging smart TV brands and newcomers to enter into the UK market. SERAPHIC is the leading digital TV browser solution provider which owns market-proven HbbTV 2 technology-based solutions including Freeview Play, HbbTV, OpApp, etc.

Launched in 2015, Freeview Play is made to provide UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) viewers with access to live, catch up and on-demand programming. In 2018, sales of Freeview Play devices exceeded five million in the UK, announced by Freeview and Digital UK.

Whereas it’s not easy for TV manufacturers especially those who own less R&D capability or new to the market to embrace Freeview Play, due to the extremely strict technical requirements.

By leveraging the edge of each party, CVTE and SERAPHIC jointly provide customized UI for different TV brands and help them deliver competitive Freeview Play products at an affordable price. This will be one of the first few Freeview Play projects led by ODM mode. In line with Freeview Play’s technical requirements supported by CVTE’s advanced architecture, different TV brands can remain complaint with Freeview Play specification with customized TV user interface, which will bring benefit for both consumers and content providers.

Meanwhile, the two companies work hard to largely improve the features of 4K TVs and bring access to the vast majority of the popular shows in Britain for local users, who could therefore enjoy advanced visual experience with less cost. As a design house, CVTE has served a wide range of device brands and therefore accumulated a large user base in Europe.

Ziyuan Zhong, Product Manager at CVTE, commented, “We’re much glad to continue cooperation with SERAPHIC, whose leading technology and strong client support impressed us a lot. With close collaboration with all parties, we are excited to help smart TV manufacturers expand the UK market quickly and in a highly cost-effective manner, which also offers end users more opportunities while they choose Freeview Play TVs on the market. As we see Freeview Play TVs are gaining a sales juggernaut in the UK, it’s also highly important for local retailers to provide Freeview Play devices to reach the most consumers.”

Xinwen Xue, VP Product Management at SERAPHIC, commented, “SERAPHIC is honored to work together with CVTE and help TV manufacturers wave with the fastest growing trend in the UK. We have been following Freeview Play specifications and working closely with the Freeview Play standard-setter since very early time. We’re confident in the bright future of Hybrid TV and dedicated to bringing more value to the smart TV industry.”