Telia Carrier offers direct connectivity for MOBITV streaming TV apps

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

MOBITV and Telia Carrier Team up to Offer Direct Connectivity for Streaming TV Apps

STOCKHOLM — Telia Carrier today announced that MOBITV, a global leader in app-based TV video delivery solutions, will utilize Telia Carrier’s #1 ranked global IP backbone to provide scalable capacity and connectivity for MOBITV’s Pay TV operator customers across the U.S.

For a first-rate viewing experience, video consumers need consistently reliable, redundant, and robust connectivity to the app-based TV video provider’s data center. MOBITV has needed to meet this connectivity challenge as they expand throughout the U.S. With Telia Carrier’s substantial U.S. network footprint, MOBITV customers can now get direct access to the MOBITV data center from more than 100 points of presence (PoPs) conveniently located throughout the U.S.

Direct access to Telia Carrier’s scalable and redundant backbone seamlessly delivers the low-latency, high-capacity connectivity demanded by streaming video. This allows MOBITV operator customers to benefit from flexibility in both cost and service level, whilst maintaining a high quality of experience for their end-users.

“Connectivity is key to us when launching a relationship with a new customer. It can take months for that operator to explore potential partners, secure quotes, select and then wait for connectivity to be established, all of which slows their time to success as a MOBITV partner,” said Casey Fann, VP of Operations, MOBITV. “Now, with Telia Carrier and the diverse, secure, scalable access it’s offering our customers, the entire process is accelerated. We can refer customers to a partner we trust, confident that we’re extending our value and service levels along with fast access to the direct connectivity they need to take advantage of our services.”

“We share MOBITV’s focus on value and customer service. By offering a predictable, three-tier option for connectivity from more than 100 POPs in the US, we are supporting MobiTV’s efforts to stand up new clients in a timely, efficient manner,” said Rob Pulkownik, Director, Market Development, Telia Carrier. “Our partnership simplifies the connectivity aspect of MOBITV’s offering, decreasing time to market from a couple of months to a couple of weeks. This also helps MOBITV’s ISP and Operator customers to accelerate service delivery to their customers.”