Edge Networks selects ENENSYS TestTree for ATSC 3.0 testing

Thursday, December 12th, 2019
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Edge Networks selects ENENSYS TestTree’s ReFeree 3 for NEXTGEN TV / ATSC 3.0 Testing

RENNES, France — ENENSYS Technologies is pleased to announce that Edge Networks, an innovative American broadcaster has selected TestTree’s ReFeree 3 to test their NEXTGEN TV/ATSC 3.0 distribution. Edge Networks received approval from the FCC on July 18, 2019 to launch two ATSC 3.0 stations in the Boise, Idaho market.

Edge Networks has been taking advantage of ReFeree 3’s wide range of features. In addition to using the ReFeree 3 in-lab testing and the on-air signal-quality testing, Edge Networks was seduced by the ReFeree 3 for its versatile in-the-field capabilities. An ENENSYS TestTree solution, ReFeree 3, is the first ATSC 3.0 analyzer designed with an internal GPS receiver for in-field map generation, including measurements of field quality of service. These features allow for effective identification of reception issues and therefore efficient troubleshooting. ReFeree 3 was honored with two awards at the NAB 2019 in Las Vegas: NAB Show “Product of the Year” & TVTechnology “Best of Show”.

In addition to the ReFeree 3, Edge Networks has chosen to work with a number of ENENSYS’ solutions. Edge Networks uses ENENSYS’ SmartGate ATSC (ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Gateway) and TeamCast Vortex II. SmartGate ATSC ensures the allocation of the RF resources by scheduling the delivery of the IP streams in the different Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs). The TeamCast Vortex II exciter is already in use across the USA for powering ATSC 3.0 pilot projects and many other projects linked to the Spectrum Repack, where its dual cast capability is a key feature for the switching from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0. The ReFeree 3 is a great addition to these solutions as it analyzes both the TeamCast Vortex II RF output and the SmartGate STLTP output.

Todd Achilles, President & CEO of Edge Networks, declared: “We have been impressed with ENENSYS products and their commitment to our success. NextGen TV performs very differently from ATSC 1.0 and therefore it takes a new set of tools to understand the customer experience. ENENSYS understands this and has designed a great in-the-field product for ATSC 3.0 broadcasters.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Edge Networks,” said Jean-Pierre Thomas, Test & Monitoring Director at ENENSYS TestTree, “it is great to be able to assist such a forward-looking company with every step of their broadcast development. Reliable, thorough, compact and portable, ReFeree 3 is a key part of this process.”

Edge Networks’ stations are currently on the air with test signals with a plan to offer commercial service in 2020.