FreeCast announces advertising partnership with OTTera

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 
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FreeCast Announces Advertising Partnership with OTTera

  • Streaming aggregator FreeCast will begin utilizing OTTera’s AdNet+

ORLANDO, Fla. — FreeCast and OTTera are expanding their relationship, this time focusing on advertising opportunities. FreeCast’s SmartGuide technology aggregates linear and digital content from various providers across the web, and for some content providers, offers digital ad-insertion (DAI) technology as a revenue-generating opportunity.

For the advertising inventory managed by FreeCast, the company will begin using OTTera’s AdNet+ network as one of its partners, connecting major advertisers with highly targeted advertising opportunities, and allowing that revenue to be shared with the channel providers.

OTTera operates a professional white label service with which content owners and creators can rapidly share their programming, courtesy of a robust development platform and customized interface and branding. Their services reach over 100+ million users worldwide and range from niche film libraries to children’s animation.

“We are glad to be expanding our partnership with SelectTV from not just delivering channels, but delivering an industry-leading advertising solution as well,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and co-CEO of OTTera. “SelectTV offers a great variety of streaming content, and we look forward to contributing to their service from both a programming and advertising perspective.”

Randy Krull, FreeCast’s Vice President of Consumer Sales and Distribution commented on the agreement as well: “OTTera is a great partner, because they’re in this space too. We’ve had a strong content relationship with them, and we’re excited to be able to leverage their AdNet+ technology to create value for our content partners.”

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