Xandr brings CTV inventory to market in France

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 
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Xandr boosts CTV offering in the French market

  • CTV inventory will be available to the French market via Xandr’s platform

PARIS — Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, has today announced it will be partnering with multiple CTV apps including Molotov.TV, Clubbing TV and Quincy Jones’ Qwest TV to make CTV inventory available to the French market.

There has been a seismic shift in the way audiences consume content and although it has taken time, the French market is beginning to shift to Connected TV (CTV). Linear TV and particularly IPTV services have remained relevant for media consumption, meaning CTV ad inventory has remained small scale. This doesn’t mean streaming isn’t popular, subscription is growing across the market but more offerings need to be available.

Xandr is focused on making CTV inventory available to its customers. Within the three CTV apps there is a range of offerings available: Qwest TV has three music-focused channels dedicated to great music including Qwest TV Mix, Jazz & Beyond and Qwest TV Classical, Clubbing TV is the World’s first TV channel dedicated to Clubbing, DJ and Electronic Music culture and Molotov provides its own ad-supported-on-demand streaming service which features a thousand movies, TV shows, documentaries and children’s shows. Using Xandr Monetize, the OTT platforms will now be available for programmatic buyers.

Vincent Soucaret Senior Director, Services, Southern Europe, Xandr says: “We are pleased to be working with partners like Molotov.TV, Clubbing TV and Qwest TV to bring our CTV offering to the French market. We’ve seen how CTV has grown across the US and other markets in Europe and now there is an opportunity for advertisers in France to benefit from the growth of streaming services.”

“We are excited for Clubbing TV’s inventory to join the Xandr marketplace. This integration will allow marketers and buyers to reach an untapped audience of electronic music fans across the world”, comments Stephane Schweitzer, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Clubbing TV.

“We are thrilled to join the Xandr marketplace” adds Reza Ackbaraly, CEO and Co-founder, Qwest TV. “Qwest TV is a content first company built on a hand-picked catalogue of music. Through our expert curation and human-led approach, Qwest TV has generated a highly-engaged international audience of over 11m+ unique viewers each month. We are proud of this new partnership with Xandr that will see advertisers connected to our diverse user base.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with Xandr, and we are confident in their ability to grow Molotov’s and our AVOD channel’s, Mango, reach on all devices including mobile, desktop and CTV.” said Béatrice Leroux Barraux, Chief Ad Revenue Officer, Molotov.TV.

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