Vodafone España provides real-time accurate EPG with Alpha Networks and MediaData TV

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 
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Vodafone España improves start-over and catch-up experience thanks to Alpha Networks and MediaData TV

BRAINE L’ALLEUD, Belgium — Alpha Networks, a leading provider in software solutions for the video distribution market, and MediaData TV, the Spanish leader in TV Metadata and services associated with television entertainment, announce today that Vodafone España has implemented their Real-time Accurate EPG solution, to improve the catch-up and start-over features on a list of selected TV channels.

Vodafone TV screen and STB

Vodafone España is part of the Vodafone Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. This new implementation will improve the experience for the over 1.5 million subscribers of Vodafone España TV service, by allowing them not only to catch up on shows they have missed but also those already in progress.

“At Vodafone España we constantly strive for excellence. Offering a TV service, we intend to provide great content, but also the best TV experience. We are happy to benefit of the Real-time Accurate EPG solution provided by Alpha Networks and MediaData TV, since the start-over and catch-up represent key features towards offering smooth and high-quality viewing experience to our subscribers.” – Jesus Rodriguez, TV Platform and Content Operations Manager at Vodafone España​

Real-Time Accurate EPG For Improved Start-Up And Catch-Up Features

To solve the issue of EPG’s inaccuracy, Alpha Networks and Mediadata TV have joined forces to propose an innovative AI-powered solution to perform the best results in TV streams detection and real-time adjustments. Both companies are engaged in a common effort to deliver a service that guarantees sharp start over for TV channels, as well as the removal of unplayed, padding programming and the introduction of initially unscheduled information broadcasted by the channel, giving a perfect picture of the real EPG.

The new service for real-time Accurate EPG offers a smarter program guide and allows Vodafone España to upgrade user interaction and experience.

Alpha Networks & Mediadata TV Partner To Offer Real-Time Accurate EPG

“We are proud to announce this partnership and we are confident that Alpha Networks’ deep technical knowledge and expertise in machine learning algorithms applied to video content and program guides, combined and integrated with our ‘Synchronization service’, will allow us to significantly expand our business, by offering a wider range of qualitative service to operators.” – Carles Farrando, Managing Director at MediaDataTV

“We are extremely proud to partner with MediaData TV. Thanks to their knowledge of the Spanish market and TV experience with operators, we are able to propose together a very advanced solution and guarantee the best service to operators.” – Guillaume Devezeaux, CMO at Alpha Networks

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