Amlogic supports Foxxum OS 4 for Smart TVs

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 
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Amlogic Supports Foxxum OS 4 As A Launch Partner

KIEL, Germany — After announcing the partnership with RDK as one building block of Foxxum OS 4, the latest version of the 2020 successfully introduced Foxxum CTV OS, Foxxum today announced a strategic and long-term partnership with Amlogic, a CTV semiconductor innovation leader and volume market leader in China, as the first SOC provider powering Foxxum OS 4.

The integration of the widely used RDK solution combined with Amlogic’s T962 family of SOC, which is already deployed in other Premium RDK-based TVs, will significantly drive the standardization of Linux-based CTVs for primary OTT streaming services that have previously been integrated (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+). Foxxum OS 4 will be available for CTVs and Set-Top Boxes in Retail and Pay TV Operations.

The new Foxxum OS 4 provides a complete CTV UI with extraordinary design, easy accessibility, and custom-fit recommendations for an outstanding viewing experience across all connected devices with seamless integration of all streaming services and applications. The Foxxum OS 4 comes with the parallel developed Master CTV Reference Product (MCRP), including all global broadcasting standards such as DVB, ATSC, ITSC, and hybrid standard HbbTV and others, and is available worldwide. The MCRP has been designed to be the most cost-efficient CTV design available in the market and will give TV Brands and Manufacturers a decisive competitive advantage. The MCRP can be manufactured entirely by all licensees or come with a pre-manufactured mainboard.

Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO, says: “Our partnership with Amlogic will make Linux-based solutions much more attractive for CTV-Manufacturers, provide all must-carry content, and allow significant cost reductions. It will allow escaping the dominance and dependency of current CTV OS solutions mainly designed to take a free ride on the hard work of TV Brands and Manufacturers without appropriately sharing revenues from viewing time monetization. Foxxum OS 4 will allow selected licensees joining our Mission One JVA (Joint Venture Alliance) to capture up to 70% of the monetization revenues. A real game changer.”

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