Foxxum brings Foxxum OS 4 to pay TV market in India with BCN Digital

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 
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Foxxum OS 4 Enters Pay-TV With BCN Digital In India

KIEL, Germany — Foxxum, the creator of the Foxxum OS 4 and innovator in cutting-edge smart TV solutions, brings Foxxum OS 4 to Pay-TV in India together with The Bhimavaram Community Network Digital (BCN Digital, India).

Foxxum OS 4 was developed to equally satisfy the requirements of Retail TV Brands and Pay-TV Operators. The decision to have Foxxum OS 4 based on RDK led to quickly growing interest in international Pay-TV markets leading to the first contract signed only two weeks after the official announcement.

BCN Digital, one of the most established operators in its region, has over 2,300 Sub Operators in Andhra Pradesh State and Telangana States of India.

“BCN Digital invested into expanding into IPTV and reach to many regions of India. To establish full customer satisfaction everywhere and give them the best experience, we were in search for a solution that provides the best service to customers and furthermore allows us to be in full control of our very own Set-Top-Boxes. We immediately realized that Foxxum is the only CTV and STB OS provider who comes along with a realistic partnership approach”, says R Srinivasa Raju, CEO and Chairman of BCN Digital.

“We are delighted to bring Foxxum OS 4 to BCN Digital. BCN Digital will be the first Pay-TV partner to launch Foxxum OS 4 and benefit from our CTV OS partner model. BCN Digital´s strategy and go to market approach is a reference model for low-income growth regions. We are looking forward to experiencing the upcoming growth together and we are very excited to welcome BCN Digital to the family!”, says Ronny Lutzi CEO of Foxxum GmbH.

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