Castoola grows ad response rates and purchases using ThinkAdvertising

Friday, September 9th, 2022 
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Castoola realizes 10x increase in ad response rates and purchases using ThinkAdvertising

LONDON, UK — ThinkAnalytics, the leading personalized recommendations and hyper-targeted advertising provider, today revealed that Castoola, a targeted TV advertising platform and an expert in TV ad tech and ad sales, used the ThinkAdvertising solution to boost the purchases from contextual hyper-targeted advertising campaigns for a European pay-TV operator by over 10x.

Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ThinkAdvertising generated audience affinity segments that were used by Castoola to dynamically target the best audience for each ad campaign, across the TV operator’s environment. Castoola Analytics also measured the impact of each ad through to actual purchases, click-through rate (CTR) and completion rate (VCR), and compared the results with campaigns without the ThinkAdvertising data. The results achieved include an increase in click throughs of over 10x and an increase in the purchase of products of up to 27x.

ThinkAdvertising uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create contextual intelligence about viewers for hyper-targeted audience segmentation by blending first-party behavioral data with enriched metadata.

Peter Docherty, CTO at ThinkAnalytics, commented, “ThinkAdvertising is bringing the power of online advertising to TV, revolutionizing how TV and video operators use their own high quality first-party data, powered by ThinkAnalytics, to hyper-target TV audiences. There is huge potential for contextual TV advertising as operators realize they can help advertisers reach audiences based on their environment and their interests, resulting in a positive user experience for viewers and significant increases in engagement with the ads, brand awareness and purchases of products and services.”

ThinkAnalytics is a member of the AWS Partner Network and in September 2022, it announced the availability of the Think360 personalization and content discovery platform in the AWS Marketplace.

Filip Remskar, CEO at Castoola said, “It was easy to integrate ThinkAdvertising with our ad tech platform and its automation quickly delivered eye-popping results for our clients. The granularity of ThinkAdvertising audience affinity data makes it possible for our platform and advertisers to reach very specific audiences for the first time and results in far higher response rates and purchases than previously possible. With the growing interest in contextual advertising, we believe that together Castoola and ThinkAnalytics will be well positioned to meet the future ad needs of TV and streaming services.”

In an analysis by Castoola of ad campaigns comparing ThinkAdvertising segments with existing targeting methods used by the ad sales teams for a major European car manufacturer, ThinkAdvertising correctly identified 94% of campaign respondents compared with less than 1% using traditional targeting, an improvement of over 90x.

Castoola has achieved similar results comparing ThinkAdvertising hyper-targeted audience affinity segments against respondents in campaigns for demonstrating that the solution is effective across all types of adverts and industries.

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