FreeWheel and Comscore launch Connected TV contextual targeting

Thursday, September 29th, 2022 
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FreeWheel and Comscore Launch Advanced Connected TV Contextual Targeting Capabilities on FreeWheel’s Demand-Side Platform Beeswax

  • Comscore’s advanced contextual segments are now available directly in the Beeswax Platform for advertisers to target across all major industry verticals.
  • The integration is the first step to enable more advanced contextual services for FreeWheel and Beeswax.

NEW YORK — Today, FreeWheel and Comscore announced a partnership that expands the Connected TV (CTV) contextual targeting capabilities available through FreeWheel’s demand-side platform, Beeswax. Media buyers using the Beeswax platform now have access to Comscore’s Predictive Audiences and CTV brand protection offering. The new offering will help marketers more easily identify valuable impressions and reach the right viewers in a privacy-forward manner across a fragmented premium video ecosystem.

“This launch signifies a significant step forward for CTV advertising, as we continue to work alongside key industry partners to make programmatic CTV buying a more flexible, scalable and effective experience,” said Soo Jin Oh, Chief Strategy Officer, FreeWheel. “Comscore has the technology, profile data, and scale that Beeswax clients need to target their audiences within relevant content on premium CTV inventory. And, with these capabilities built directly into the Beeswax platform, it’s now easier than ever for buyers to connect with their desired audiences in a brand safe environment.”

The partnership was developed in response to increasing demand from clients for more contextual advertising solutions built for scale and certainty. Investment in contextual advertising across the industry has grown 21% year-over-year, as advertisers seek to better understand the content where they are buying programmatically, according to an IAB study. Accordingly, Beeswax clients are able to leverage Comscore’s taxonomy of attributes, which include Predictive Audiences, contextually driven audiences that cover all major industry verticals, bolstered by FreeWheel’s advanced technology.

The new contextual targeting offering is backed by Comscore’s contextual engine, which profiles hundreds of thousands of topics to provide a highly accurate appraisal of 1,700+ Predictive Audiences, content suitability and brand safety risks. Beeswax users can customize settings based on their unique needs to ensure contextual relevancy and brand safety filters along with cookie-free audience targeting are applied according to the needs of each campaign.

“In today’s landscape, the industry calls for a cohesive way for advertisers to reach their target audiences at scale across all screens,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions at Comscore. “We are confident that with FreeWheel’s state-of-the-art technology and Comscore’s innovative CTV brand safety and unique-to-market Predictive Audiences, we will both be able to better support our clients in achieving campaign KPIs.”

Moving forward, FreeWheel will continue developing solutions and building partnerships to optimize the experience for Beeswax users, including those focusing on CTV buying.

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