MPEG LA revises terms to encourage VVC adoption

Monday, November 7th, 2022 
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MPEG LA Takes Measures To Assist VVC Adoption

  • Measures include Royalty Software Waiver and Royalty Discount

DENVER, Co, US — MPEG LA, LLC today announced measures to bring its pool license for Versatile Video Coding, or VVC (introduced to the market on January 27, 2022), into conformity with market realities that will free implementers to invest in VVC adoption.

First, a waiver of royalties for standalone (not in or with hardware) VVC software products Sold (with or without compensation or consideration) to an End User is available to any VVC Licensee that commits to becoming a Licensor to MPEG LA’s VVC License if they or their Affiliates presently or in the future have the right to license or sublicense VVC Essential Patents. Products to which the waiver applies will still benefit from coverage as licensed products under the VVC License.

Second, a 25% VVC royalty discount is available to any VVC Licensee that enters into and is compliant with MPEG LA’s AVC Patent Portfolio License, HEVC Patent Portfolio License and VVC Patent Portfolio License.

“We congratulate the VVC patent owners for their understanding and foresight in adopting these initiatives,” said Larry Horn, President and CEO of MPEG LA. “Investments in new e-commerce and advertiser supported services that utilize standalone software will lead the adoption of next generation video and these initiatives will accommodate it. In addition, they provide a pathway to reducing the cost of incorporating next generation video coding technology in devices that include legacy coding technologies. In over 25 years as the world’s market leader in digital video standards licensing, MPEG LA respects that decisions to adopt new video standards are for the market to make based on technical, economic and other factors. The market doesn’t build business models around licensing terms. It builds business models to generate new products that enhance the quality of life, and licensing terms must work in concert with rather than as an obstacle to their adoption.”

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