Bedrock migrates Videoland streaming subscribers to its latest platform

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 
Bedrock logo

Bedrock Achieves Europe’s Largest SVOD Streaming Migration Ever

PARIS, France — Bedrock, the leading European streaming technology company, announced today that it has successfully migrated all of Videoland subscribers to Bedrock’s latest streaming platform.

RTL Nederland’s’ SVOD platform, Videoland, chose Bedrock as its new technological partner, migrating more than 1 million subscribers to a future-proof streaming service, with more features, stronger personalisation, better data management, A/B testing, and editorial tools.

Videoland is now available on more than 20 devices, including an extensive range of Smart TVs, game consoles and mobile devices.

The successful migration operation already paid off when Videoland broke several records, for example, on 9th of October with Glory, the exclusive kickboxing live event.

“We’re extremely proud of our collaboration with Videoland and this migration demonstrates how rock-solid our technology is. To our knowledge, this is the largest premium video streaming migration that has ever taken place in Europe” said Jonas Engwall, CEO of Bedrock.

“The growth of Videoland is the main pillar of our company’s strategy. We are very proud of our current position as number two in the Dutch market. Working together with Bedrock is a way to not only consolidate but further improve our position at a greater speed. It is one of the many advantages of being part of RTL Group,” said Sven Sauvé, CEO of RTL Nederland.

Links: Bedrock; RTL Nederland