Inscape Smart TV panel delivers representative viewing data for the U.S.

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 
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Inscape Rolls Out New Audience Panel, Eclipses 15 Million Opt-in TVs

  • America’s Largest Smart TV Data Provider Taps Dativa to Build Most Accurate Viewing Measurement for U.S. TV Market, Setting New Measurement Standard

SAN FRANCISCO — Inscape, the smart TV data company and subsidiary of VIZIO, today announced expansion of its suite of data offerings through the creation of a Nationally Representative Panel (NRP). The leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) data, which recently surpassed a consumer opt-in footprint of 15 million smart TVs in the U.S., continues to enable new use cases for media companies, agencies and technology platforms reshaping the way TV is bought, sold and measured.

The NRP, developed in partnership with Dativa, provides representative TV viewing data for all U.S. households, demographics and geographies and focuses on a panel of approximately 3.5 million of Inscape’s base of 15 million ACR-enabled Smart TVs — the largest commercially available data set of its kind. The NRP applies anonymous consumer data from the most reputable sources to make Inscape data representative across a broad set of consumer and household attributes.

Additionally, building on VIZIO’s extensive geographic reach across all U.S. markets, Inscape has extended local affiliate attribution of major broadcast stations to all 210 local markets in the United States. Now, users of Inscape data can report more granularly at the local level and determine the localization of scheduled content start times for live or time shifted viewings as well as understand which connected devices or apps within the TV were used to play the content allowing for better attribution and measurement.

“We’re extremely confident in the efficacy of our new NRP model and believe that being open about how we’ve constructed it will further drive confidence within the ecosystem both for the value of our new offering as well as the role smart TV data is playing across the industry,” said Zeev Neumeier, President of Inscape. “We’ll be looking to make ongoing extensions and enhancements and continue to invest in making it the gold standard for our licensees and their customers.”

With the surge in TV viewing, Inscape is entering a new phase of its evolution. Its ACR viewing data is now widely adopted by companies invested in new forms of measurement, attribution and cross channel targeting. More than ever before, household-level targeting is an important metric for marketers who want to understand the impact of programming specific to locations and granular audience targets.

“We’re proud to work with Inscape on their currency-class NRP, which leverages our background in TV measurement and combines our advanced data models with the industry’s largest commercially available ACR data set to provide advertisers with granular viewing data on even niche, hard-to-reach targets,” stated Tom Weiss, CTO and Chief Data Scientist, Dativa. “The Inscape NRP addresses one of the toughest challenges in the TV measurement space today—namely, how to create a dataset that is both granular enough to represent viewing in a fragmented TV landscape, and that accurately represents the broad range of demographics and targets that advertisers are interested in. We look forward to sharing our approach with the industry and applying feedback to make it ever better.”