Saankhya Labs exhibits solutions at CES 2023

Friday, January 6th, 2023 
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Saankhya Labs exhibits leading-edge solutions at CES 2023

  • Pre-certified NEXTGEN TV accessories viz Gateways, Set-top-boxes, HDMI and USB dongles and TV reference designs powered by SL3000 and SL4000 chipsets
  • Partner OEM/ODM’s products expected to be on retail shelves, beginning Q1, 2023

LAS VEGAS — Saankhya Labs, a subsidiary of Tejas Networks (BSE: 540595, NSE: TEJASNET), today announced that it is exhibiting a wide range of innovative products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, in Las Vegas. It is a proving-ground for breakthrough technologies. Saankhya Labs has announced availability of first-of-its-kind solutions for addressing ATSC 3.0 market requirements in this dynamic environment.

Saankhya Labs has supported several leading OEMs and ODMs in designing and developing solutions powered by its SDR chipset. These pre-certified NextGen TV solutions such as Gateways, Set-top-boxes, Wi-Fi streamers, HDMI and USB dongles will enable consumers to experience ATSC 3.0 UHD/HDR Video, Immersive Audio and Interactive Content on their existing HDTV sets and mobile display devices.

The upgraded DTV receiver accessories are capable of demodulating both Next Gen ATSC 3.0 & legacy ATSC 1.0 streams, giving consumers the benefit of receiving all available OTA programs on a single device.

“Saankhya Labs has diligently worked with several OEMs and ODMs in APAC to develop multiple form factor accessories, with various features and price points to consumers. With more and more markets lighting up, OEM/ODMs are expected to accelerate the launch of these devices to consumers, starting Q1, 2023” said Parag Naik, CEO – Saankhya Labs.

Saankhya is also demonstrating the industry’s first ATSC 3.0 enabled Mark One reference Smart phone, developed in partnership with One Media – Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Mark One reference Smartphone empowers consumers to experience live ATSC 3.0 reception without the need for a data plan. To bring to market Direct-to-Mobile (D2M) capability, Saankhya Labs has designed and developed a Broadcast Radio Head (BRH) that enables improved propagation of signals to mobile smartphones. BRH is a low-power, low-tower, Broadcasting transmitter that enhances television broadcast infrastructure capability. In partnership with broadcasters, mobile OEMs, and service providers, these solutions can unleash unprecedented benefits of D2M to consumers.

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