NEOTION releases the POCKET Plus: the very first secured silicon based Conditional Access CI Module

Friday, September 12th, 2008

AMSTERDAM/AUBAGNE — Thanks to Secured Pocket Plus Modules by NEOTION, any set-top box or iDTV could scale up towards ultra advanced hardware based conditional access implementations without struggling anymore with complex and lengthily certification, neither production constraints.
Common Interface Plus (CI+)
Since almost a decade, NEOTION has been a leading provider of highly-sophisticated System-on-a- Chip (SoC) processors for Digital TV applications. NEOTION is today introducing the Pocket Plus range: a set of Security CI and CI+ Modules powered by NEOTION’s newer secured silicon series. The NEOTION designed SoC is a dual processor combining an ARM® core primarily dedicated to the application, and a fully separated built-in Secured RISC co-processor in charge of running in a standalone manner the whole hardwired cryptographic functions and security sequences. The Secured processor interacts with a secured boot ROM, thus giving no access to unauthorized applications. It also enables to securely store various certificates and pairing keys in a totally isolated scheme, as well as to leverage on fuses to prevent from any malicious access.

Depending on which versions, the Pocket Plus can also accommodate newer modes of content protection, including Watermarking and fingerprinting.

For a start, Pocket Plus Modules shall be available this fall with either Viaccess, Irdeto, Conax or Verimatrix.

NEOTION proposes also to CAS partners dedicated reference designs, API, SDK, and development boards enabling various levels of implementation and customization (from application specific, to dedicated chipset ROM code).