ThinkAnalytics powers personalized recommendations at Go3

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 
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ThinkAnalytics to supercharge Go3 with personalized content recommendations

LONDON — TV3 Group, the leading media group in the Baltics, has teamed up with ThinkAnalytics to implement AI-based, personalized content recommendations for its Go3 streaming customers. With this partnership, TV3 Group aims to enhance viewer engagement and accelerate growth in the Baltics, providing its customers with a more tailored and dynamic user experience across all screens.

The Go3 streaming service, the leading OTT platform in the Baltics, offers a diverse library of Hollywood blockbusters, local and international series, exclusive originals, most watched TV channels, and live broadcasts of local and global premium sports events.

Jan Wykrytowicz, CEO of Go3, commented on the partnership with ThinkAnalytics, “Go3 grew into the leading OTT platform in the Baltics. We are constantly enriching Go3’s content offering with our own-produced original programming, as well as through partnerships with international studios and content powerhouses. At the moment, the library offered by Go3 exceeds 15,000 hours. With ThinkAnalytics, we want to help customers minimize the time and effort needed to select content they like to watch. Ultimately, we want our customers to enjoy watching great content, not browsing through an ocean of possible titles to watch.”

Through ThinkAnalytics’ suite of tools, TV3 Group’s business operations will have access to real-time, contextual viewership and behavioral data, providing deep actionable insights for its teams.

Samuel Sweet, CEO of ThinkAnalytics EMEA & APAC, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Go3, which continues to be the go-to streaming service in the Baltics. With the combination of our tools, our enabling platform and best practices resulting from years of experience, we aim to help TV3 Group accelerate customer acquisition and deepen engagement with its Go3 subscribers.”

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