RÚV guarantees playback quality with Bitmovin

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 
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RÚV selects Bitmovin Player and Analytics to elevate viewing experiences

  • RÚV is using the Bitmovin Player to deliver content to deliver high-quality streams and optimize the viewing experience with real-time analytics

VIENNA, Austria — Bitmovin, a leading provider of video streaming infrastructure, announces RÚV, Iceland’s public broadcaster, has chosen to deploy the Bitmovin Player and Analytics to elevate the viewing experience for its audience to guarantee quality playback on the most extensive range of devices available to consumers and monitor and finetune the performance of each stream.

RÚV is one of the most visited websites in Iceland, with 88% of Icelanders consuming RÚV content every week. Prior to working with Bitmovin, RÚV’s video streaming workflows were built and managed in-house, but it needed a quicker and more efficient way to deliver a seamless viewing experience to its audience on an ever-growing number of devices and platforms. Deploying the Bitmovin Player will ensure RÚV can deliver high-quality streams at speed and scale to the broadest range of existing consumer devices and launch content on new devices and platforms as soon as they are available.

“Bitmovin is synonymous with innovations in video streaming, and we know their deep technical knowledge and industry-leading products will help us ensure playback quality on every device possible so we can continue to deliver a viewing experience we are proud of,” said Bragi Reynisson, CTO at RÚV “We chose the Bitmovin Player for its flexibility and broad device compatibility and Bitmovin Analytics for its real-time granular data that help optimize each stream. We can’t wait to see the positive impact of Bitmovin’s solutions on our operational efficiency and viewer satisfaction.”

RÚV will also use Bitmovin Analytics with the Bitmovin Player, ensuring each stream’s reliability by analyzing real-time user session data and sharing it with the player. Bitmovin Analytics reports any playback issues so they can be fixed before they impact the viewer. Bitmovin Analytics also offers benchmarks across different performance metrics to gain industry insights which RÚV will use to ensure it delivers a service that exceeds the industry average. The Bitmovin Player and Analytics work with the Flutter Software Development Kit (SDK); this will help RÚV’s development team build more modern and intuitive mobile applications for Android and iOS.

“The Bitmovin Player and Analytics are a dynamic duo that will power unrivalled viewing experiences for RÚV, guaranteeing audience reach and viewer satisfaction and engagement,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin “It’s fantastic to team up with RÚV, and so we can help them take their streaming workflows to the next level.”

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