ZapperBox unveils NEXTGEN TV DVR at CEDIA Expo 2023

Thursday, September 7th, 2023 
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ZapperBox Unveils Revolutionary NEXTGEN TV DVR Set-top Box at CEDIA Expo 2023

DENVER — ZapperBox, the pioneering provider of cutting-edge entertainment solutions, proudly announces the debut of its groundbreaking ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV DVR at the highly anticipated CEDIA EXPO 2023 in Denver. Boasting an abundance of advanced features, including Dolby® Atmos support, 4K resolution, and high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, the ZapperBox M1 is poised to redefine over-the-air home entertainment experiences for the modern era.

The ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV DVR with content security, also known as digital rights management (DRM), is set to commence shipping on September 18, 2023, ushering in a new era of entertainment for consumers. By offering seamless support for NEXTGEN TV content security, including DRM-encrypted channels, ZapperBox demonstrates its unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technology innovation.

ZapperBox continues to set the standard in the industry as the only commercially available DVR, compatible with both ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 standards, while also holding the esteemed certification for Dolby AC-4 audio. This designation showcases the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled audiovisual experiences.

Key Features of the ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV DVR

  • 4K video quality: Experience stunning 4K video with HDR, redefining the delivery of on-screen content.
  • Dolby Atmos support: Elevate the audio experience with immersive Dolby Atmos technology that brings every sound to life.
  • Software flexibility: Built with futureproofing in mind, the ZapperBox M1 is designed to accommodate forthcoming advancements, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

Gopal Miglani, founder of ZapperBox, shared his insights into the company’s journey, saying, “Since the inception of ZapperBox in 2017, our vision has been to reshape entertainment experiences through innovation. The ZapperBox M1, which we started shipping in July 2022, exemplifies our dedication to pioneering technology. Our commitment to consistent software upgrades ensures that our customers will enjoy the latest advancements in the years ahead.”

To witness this revolutionary product in action, attendees are encouraged to visit ZapperBox’s Innovation Hub (Booth 4056). Be captivated by the combination of the ZapperBox A1 NEXTGEN TV antenna by Televes and the ZapperBox M1 DVR, which mirrors the transformative impact that free over-the-air ATSC 1.0 high-definition broadcasts with Dolby AC-3 had on high-end home TV viewing in the previous decade.

ZapperBox’s Future Outlook

Miglani further noted, “The ZapperBox M1 is poised for the future. We are thrilled to announce the ‘ZapperBox M1 Pro’, that will be tailor-made for the AV Pro market. The ZapperBox Pro promises IP controls and seamless integration with leading home automation systems such as Savant, Crestron, Control4, Elan, and more. Exclusively available through AV Pro integrators, the ZapperBox M1 Pro is our step towards pushing the boundaries of home entertainment even further.”

ZapperBox’s dedication to innovation, combined with its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, cements its status as a trailblazer in the entertainment technology industry. Experience the future of entertainment with ZapperBox at the CEDIA Expo 2023.

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